“Got Butt Wink?”

Today and tomorrow are squat days here at Vegvisir and we thought today’s video should aim to help y’all with a common problem we see!

“The Butt Wink” is what happens when your tailbone tucks underneath you as you squat, rather than showing off that instagram booty that should happen when ya squat. This usually happens due to tight hamstrings up at the attachment point under the glutes! This is usually cause by sitting the majority of the day for work, which is something most of us do (even me)!

Well here is our video on a tool you can use to help eliminate that wink, along with some lower back pain that might pop up during the squat if you’re having an exceptional tight day! 

Just CLICK/TAP HERE to see our neat trick!!

We hope you see success with these tips and tricks we share with y’all! Let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in these videos by responding to the email and we will make sure to get your request into the next post!

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