Consistency Beats Intensity Every Time

“I need to do my best or…”

Or what?

The journey to being a successful adult is tough. Your boss wants you to perform at your best, you want to perform your best at the gym to get the most out of your workout, and your family needs you to be your best because they love you and deserve all of that love right back.

But, your best isn’t this passive thing. It takes effort. In-fact, it takes the most effort!

110%, by definition, means running past what you are currently capable of. It means digging deep and finding that next gear.

But, what happens on the other side of 110% if it’s sustained?

Exhaustion. And what do we need when we are exhausted? A break. Otherwise, we reach burnout!

You don’t wanna be burnt out, your boss doesn’t want you burnt out, we don’t want you burnt out, and your family DEFINITELY doesn’t want you burnt out.

Consistency is Key

A gym might as well be a monument to intensity in most people’s eyes. ESPECIALLY a CrossFit gym.

(Ya don’t hear Mat Frasers name and think “now that’s a guy who works out moderately).

The reality is, the people who succeed most in the gym aren’t focused on that workout being the best. They are focusing on that being the best workout for them that day so they can come in the next day and continue to train.

The person who listens to their body and gives efforts based off of that, rather then grinding themselves into the ground tend to be happier, have their workouts give them energy, and achieve more of their goals more quickly!

It’s why we have the committed club leaderboard on our instagram, not the “amount of workouts completed at Athlete Board” 

Showing up and doing YOUR best for the day, rather than your best for all time is far more important than PRing every day (as much fun as it is).

So, if you’re skipping a workout today because you don’t feel you’re gonna do well, let me start by apologizing that I have created an environment where we make you think we care more about your gold star than seeing your awesome face.

While PRs are nice and should be celebrated, we would much rather see your face every day doing what you feel you can that day (even during PR week)!

This Summer we wanna see you as consistently as possible! My goal for us this June is to have 30+ athletes on our committed club and I want YOU to be on that board!

So, let me know how I can help you do that by setting up a goal setting session OR replying to this email! I’d love to know how we can keep you in the groove!

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