Why Do CrossFitters Use Chalk?

What Is Chalk? Chalk is known scientifically as magnesium carbonate. Coming from the latin “calx” meaning limestone, the chalk that we all know and love

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What Is The Tyr System?

The Tyr System (Tier System)!! This is going to be a new addition to our In-Body check-in process that is designed to help make clear progression

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What Is The Best Squat For Me?

“Do this squat and you’ll have bigger quads in no time!” “Put your feet here when you squat to work on your Hamstrings.” If you’ve

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“Get Abs Like Me!”

Have you ever seen those ads/videos that have some shredded 20 something that says something like “STOP! If you wanna lose weight and look like

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Do You Have A Playbook?

Last weekend, Katelyn and I went to the TwoBrain Summit in Rosemont, Illinois (15 Minutes outside of Chicago).  For those of y’all who don’t know,

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What Are Your Values?

When we first opened Vegvisir, things were a lot different than they are today! First of all, the gym layout was 33% smaller as we

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