Do You Have A Playbook?

Last June, Katelyn and I went to the TwoBrain Summit in Rosemont, Illinois (15 Minutes outside of Chicago).  For those of y’all who don’t know,

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“Got Butt Wink?”

Today and tomorrow are squat days here at Vegvisir and we thought today’s video should aim to help y’all with a common problem we see!

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You Are Yesterday’s Dream

What the heck is “Yesterday’s Dream?” In San Jose, California, there is a house located on the bay where facing the street there is a

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What Is Mobility?

Over the past few weeks, Katelyn and I have had to sit in many dealerships. During that time we had so much time to sit

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Kick Fad Diets To The Curb!

Does calorie counting make your eyes glaze over? Is the scale in your bathroom an obelisk standing for mental anguish? Well, what if you looked at

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How To Find Your Drag Factor!

This past Wednesday we attacked the workout “Jackie” and in that workout, we rowed 750m-1000m. At some point before that workout, did you ever look

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