Best trips for CrossFitters in Houston, Texas!

One of the things that is different about a CrossFit gym compared to any other gym out there is that we are a community.

Not just like a we occasionally have a punch social and Christmas party.

More like, we will travel together during the summer, attend each other’s weddings, and go out every weekend making memories and enjoying the fitness we build together.

One thing about our gym, Vegvisir CrossFit, is that we are the closest CrossFit Gym to the Texas Medical Center. A place where people have to move to town every year and build a life they love living for the next 3 years while they finish Med School, Residency, or their Fellowship. Which means our community is also very good at making friends fast and getting you involved in these traditions quickly!

Here are the places that we travel as a team during the summer to hang out with each other and celebrate our love of fitness together:

New Braunfels:

Just a short 2.5-3 hour drive from our gym, New Braunfels is home to both the Comal and Guadeloupe rivers. These spring fed rivers keep you cool during the summer heat and we end up all going tubing where all those ab movements pay off getting in and out as you go down all the fun tube shoots the rivers have to offer!

Jacob’s Well:

Just on the other side of Austin (about 3.5 hours from Houston), you have the perfect place to execute on all the hollow body and box jumps you do year round jumping into this famous Texas watering hole. We reserve about 6 months ahead of time and plan to spend the day just enjoying the cool water and showing everybody our neat canon ball skills!


Where better place to enjoy your fitness than on the beach? When we head down here, we go to a driveable part of the beach where less tourists go, set up beach volleyball and spike ball, and have the time of our lives playing games and enjoying the ocean air. And all while only driving about an Hour and a Half from Vegvisir CrossFit!

So, if you’re new to Houston and took up residence in the Texas Medical Center (TMC), we would love to have you by for a No Sweat Intro to see how we can help you best during your time here (: 

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