Developing a Healthy Relationship With Exercise

We as humans are pretty much hell bent on spotting the flaws in everything, especially ourselves.

And part of our battle to find happiness in this life is to shut up those hyper critical internal voices. To not just fight for happiness each day, but to wake up feeling our best selves and improve the world around us with that positive attitude. If we can do that for as long as possible, we would consider ourselves pretty healthy no?

Well then, if we are miserable working out, we would have to say that is an unhealthy relationship right?

What about if we are always telling ourself we aren’t doing enough? That we are too weak? And everything we are doing just isn’t good?

If that’s you, I want to help you change that starting today!

And I want it to start by having you putting everything on a spectrum of…

Good, Better, and Best

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” – Insert Famous Person

It’s really easy to look at everyone else crushing their goals and think to yourself that you’re just not doing enough. I’d probably be on the top of the FBI’s most wanted list if it were a crime!

The thing is, just like most things in life, it’s about perspective. When we view our happiness from the perspective of others, we will always look small as we tend to see the best in our piers and the worst in ourselves.

So, what if we took the parts of ourselves that we are working on and didn’t view our efforts as “bad to good,” rather we thought of our actions in terms of “good, better, or best?”

The point being, the fact that you are making an effort at all is amazing and should be celebrated. Working on yourself is one of the hardest things for us to do. To acknowledge the area we want to work on, to analyze the area that needs the most help, taking action, and then asking for help with that action deserves FAR more praise than we give people.

So, starting now, in our gym you’re gonna look at your actions in terms of I did a good job, I did  better, and I did the amount of work that is best for me!

Let’s Apply GBB

We are gonna look at our efforts in terms of times per week exercising.

If you work out 2x per week, you are doing a good job! You’re putting forth a consistent effort to keep yourself healthy and work on your fitness! You have done the necessary work to maintain your fitness for the week and maybe even see a little bit of improvement!

If you work out 3x per week, you are getting better and were able to make it to the gym to not only maintain your fitness, but move the needle forward with a little more speed!

If you work out 4x-5x per week you are doing the most we recommend to anyone wanting to get everything they want out of their exercise routine. Your fitness if accelerating as fast as it can and you are also getting enough rest outside of the gym to bare every fruit of your labor you can. This is the best anyone should do in terms of training for longevity and creating a good balance with fitness.

Acknowledge Your Efforts

This is just an example, the point is that you need to acknowledge the bright spots in what you are doing. If you sit down and compare yourself to other constantly and tell yourself that you’re not doing enough, you will eventually and burnout on what ever habit you are trying to improve on!

At Vegvisir, we incorporate Bright Spot Friday’s (#BSF) on our facebook group for this EXACT purpose! To pause and just recognize all the things that you did this week that you put forth effort on and are proud of!

And when you start looking at the efforts you put in as Good, Better, and Best? Well, the grass is gonna start looking a lot greener where you’re standing.

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