Why Do We Have Gym Dogs?

I mean most of us read that line and went “FOR THE POST WOD CUDDLES AND PETS!”

Those stupid little fur butts that wait on the couch for our WOD to end are little positive mood adjusters that make your day, but they also serve another purpose…

We Don’t Just Have Dogs. We Strive To Be Dog People.

When I sit and think about why I love having Odin and Loki in our lives. It isn’t just for the pets, butt scratches, and games of fetch. After all, those activities on their own are just services for our dogs once we get over the fluff. 

The things that give me energy from those dogs being around are experiencing these behaviors and how they remind me to be:

1. They are Loyal, Faithful, Protective, and Trainable.

Things that we all strive to be in our households right?

I mean I always want to be loyal and faithful to my loved ones. The do my best to protect them (this doesn’t always mean home defense! This could be making just you’re fit enough to catch a run away stroller or catch you partner from falling without injury #CrossFit). 

And to having the humility to learn lessons from everyone and be able to learn in all aspect of life is part of maturity no? (Yup. I just called Loki mature.)

2. They are the most excited to see me when I walk in the door.

Ya ever notice how nice it is to have those little idiots bum rush you when you walk in the door? I mean, yeah it’s annoying (especially if you’ve got a small kid or really nice clothes on). But, the intention behind it is so pure and makes us feel appreciated even on the worst days.

It’s why we shout “Good Morning/Afternoon YOUR NAME” when you come in the door. You should feel be in a place where people are excited to see you. It just feels nice (:

3. They Check On Us When We Don’t Feel Our Best

Have you ever walked into the gym or your home and you’re just having a No Good Very Bad Day?

When those little eyes come up to you with concern and a butt wag, those problems seem smaller. You take a deep breath and just hold on to those little tummies with the biggest bear hug you can.

While we don’t wag our butts when ya walk in the door, having someone just go “how are you feeling today” or getting a text checking in on ya can be a good substitute. 

4. They Enjoy the Small Moments

If there was anything a dog does better than humans by a mile, it is enjoying the little things. Odin and Loki lose their absolute minds if ya just throw a ball 5 feet. Give ‘em a butt scratch and they will hang out SIGNIFICANTLY closer to you the rest of the day.

Imagine if we appreciated our partner opening a door, hitting our percentages on a bad day, or even just your barista starting your order before ya even say a word THAT MUCH. I think quality of life would improve wouldn’t it?

5. Ego is Left At The Door

Have ya ever thrown a ball for Loki and Odin?

They don’t care who gets the ball first. They care that the ball gets back to the thrower so they can both go run after it again!

It becomes real easy to want to be the best at what we do. And while we should always strive to be the best we can be, it shouldn’t come at the expense of others. Wouldn’t you much rather be famous in your home than on a global stage? Dogs are virtuous in this. 

6. Will Always Make You Feel Like Part of The Family.

When you put it all together, the qualities dogs excel at make us feel like we are loved. 

Even when you sit at Axelrad’s and it’s someone else’s dog sitting at the table next to you. When that corgi but starts shaking and those little brown eyes lock on yours, ya just feel like the best person on earth.

The people you surround yourself should build you up to feel like this. To make you feel like your best you. The should check their ego and want you to feel the best. Revel in your victories of any size, be there when you don’t feel your best, be excited to see you, and never waiver in their loyalty to you.

Dog’s remind us of what the best of us can be. 

That is why we strive to be Dog People. 

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