You Are A Shark!

Want a list of fun facts about sharks ya didn’t ask for?!

Well here they are:

Wanna stall out a shark? Boop its’ nose.

A sharks skin is made up of little teeth called Dermal Denticles!

There are over 500 species of Sharks! 

Most sharks have never seen a bicycle.

Sharks die if there isn’t a current of water flowing through their gills!

Wait….wait that last one….

SHARKS DIE IF THEY STOP MOVING? Crazy…but the same is somewhat true of humans.

No, you don’t die like a shark does if you stop moving. For them it happens relatively quickly. 

For us, we a host of medical issues pop up that range from the mildly annoying to the catastrophic.

Just Keep Swimming

Now, most of the athletes here at Vegvisir think of retirement as an abstract concept and getting old is your hair starting to gray. You love to move every day and the fact that you are reading this means you are also putting some major investments into your future health so you can live the life you want to live! 

Chances are those plans to move are for a wedding later this year, a trip this summer, or a being able to go on your family outings you have planned for the next 3 years! But, what about 20 years from now?

Thinking that far out, what do you want to be able to do? Is lifting 405/285+ pounds in a deadlift the thing that matters and that twinge is something you can fight through, OR are you aiming to be able to play basketball with your kids or school the other retirees in a match at The Bumpy Pickle? If that’s the case, is taking a WOD a little bit lighter and taking 15 minutes after class to mobilize something you should prioritize (and in doing so probably help out that heavy lifting goal anyways)!

You Are The Lead Shark (If Sharks Had Social Structures)

All of this thought process was brought up because I was visiting my aunt and uncle this weekend who are in their 80s along with some other members of my family (all 55+). I hadn’t seen them basically since we started this gym and of course all weekend I was asked the list of questions I get asked at any gathering about health and fitness.

My family members who moved, played golf, and had plans that involved movement on their upcoming trips had clean bills of health and were asking how they could move even better!

The family members who preferred to watch TV and catch up with the latest movies while everyone else was out and about were talking about their upcoming surgery and asking what latest thing I had heard about that relieves pain.

Both view points were held by wonderful people who I have missed terribly! That’s just a delta in points of view as a coach I just couldn’t help but notice and realize that y’all probably have a similar pattern pop up in your families as well!

I’m also sure they come up to you and ask a ton of questions on how you ended up so healthy and strong! You probably answer all of their questions and take time to find them their nearest gym that closely resembles what they you do and/or they have shown interest in!

You already do enough by leading by example. Your family asks you these questions because you have put in the time and effort that has earned you the status of the expert in health and fitness in your family! Isn’t that pretty cool?

I just wanna remind you that if you ever get overwhelmed or need help with them reaching a next step in their fitness journey, you can always tell them to email us ( with the questions about fitness they have OR check out our blog where we have are answering tons of health and fitness questions (!

That way you can still lead by example and talk about all the things you really wanna talk about while hanging out with your family!

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