CrossFit and Aging

CrossFit builds a buffer of health against sickness.

It builds this buffer by building upon your 10 general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

While we are young, these general skills are things we work to improve. We push our limits and focus on our recovery so that these skills all improve and we feel healthier. We measure them with the tests we do here at Vegvisir.

Add 10lbs to your back squat? Your strength and power have definitely increased.

Did pistols for the first time in Mary? Your balance, coordination, and flexibility have reached new heights.

Take 2 minutes off of your “Tour De Nancy” time? I would say we have seen significant improvements in nearly all of those markers! (Overhead Squats+Cardio covers quite a lot, no?)

But, what happens as we hit retirement age and we have been doing this work on our health since we were 35?

Well, during that time your strength work has built strong muscles and bones that can better stand up against the effects of aging (especially in female athletes on that bone density department). And your power earned on those heavy lifts? They make sure you don’t have to do that old person rock to get out of that lounge chair. You just stand right up! 

Your balance, coordination, and flexibility that has been built by repeated full range of motion movements? They help stave off those falls that become increasingly dangerous as we up the counter on our trips around the sun.

Cardiovascular endurance and stamina built from all your MetCons? That keeps you able to be that 80 year old grandparent that is a part of those trips and memories with the family you’ve worked so hard to foster over the course of your life!

Agility and Accuracy? That allows ya to stick it to your best bud Alex on the golf course! (Not to mention that you when you reach for something or go to sit down, that is the location you intended to go at the speed you wanna do it!

Everything you do to build your fitness now is helping build this huge wall between you and sickness. Sickness being the inability to live your life that way you want to. Making sure you are just visiting your doctor for check-ups and not a new round of medication. Making sure that you get to see as much of this world as you have ever wanted!

Age catches up with all of us. But, the buffer you are building that is made up of the habits and routines that you have made a part of your life, helps make sure it has a much longer distance to travel before it does.

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