Your Vacation WOD Tips (10 WODs Inside)!

When ever we go on vacation, taking a break from our every day lives is important! Stressful things from work fade away as your phone gets left in the hotel room and you go on tons of adventures!

One of my favorite parts of going on vacation is getting to workout in a new location, explore the sights, and meet other CrossFitters as the larger community is what originally drew me into CrossFit! While dropping in is fun, it’s not always an option. So, I made these 10 workouts that I do when there is no equipment left (or very little such as a pull-up bar at the park or if I brought my jump rope)!

This is a 15 page packet that includes everything you’ll need to get in a great workout whether you are on a work trip and can’t get out in time to make it to the class at your local box, or you’re in a tropical paradise that’s miles away from the nearest town!

You can access it here via the canva link:

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