Your Guide To Understanding The Events at the 2023 CF Games!

In today’s blog, I thought you should know the last little details about what this whole thing will look like!

Just to make it easier, you can learn how to watch the CF Games:

What To Watch For In A CrossFit Games Event:

There are 4 types of event format types in CrossFit as far as layout (I will cover the individuals only as the teams are pretty much the same apart from heat size):

  • Whole Field Start
    • These are the long distance cardio events that take longer than 30 minutes.
    • This is what the first even of the Games is this year (and most years)! 
    • The event will start with  a 3…2…1…..GO! Then everyone goes at once.
    • Since the event is timed and everyone is out there, who ever finishes 1st is first. Done deal.
  • MetCon Heats
    • These are gonna be more like the workouts that you see in class! Just on a large arena floor or football field sized stadium.
    • The events are usually timed and run in 4 waves for both men and women in groupings of 10.
    • The lowest ranked athletes based on the previous events go in the first heat and the highest go last.
    • If the workout is for time:
    • Then who ever finishes 1st wins that heat BUT times from previous and following heats will affect the placing of that athlete overall.
    • An heat win is still huge as you will most likely be top 10 but an athlete who wins the in the first heat will most likely not be in first after all heats go.
    • If the workout is for reps:
      • Then the best thing to do is follow along with the ticker at the top of your screen that is keeping track of the athletes’ reps.
      • The games tends to have foam pillars or bars moving across stations on the floor to help spectators understand where athletes are in their workout.
  • Sprint Heats:
    • ​​​​​​​Every year there is a sprint event that the heat sizes drop down to 5, making it 8 heats per field.
    • These events are done tournament style and the winners from each heat will advance, redo the workout, and go until there is a final 5. 
    • The winner of that final wins the event and the other athletes fill out the top 5. 
  • Weightlifting Heats:
    • ​​​​​​​This is different every year on whether it is on one platform in the center of the room or a bunch of individual platforms.
    • There are still heats, but instead of everyone going at the same time. Every athlete gets a :20-:30 window to hit the required lift for max load. 
    • If an athlete hits the lift, the weight they hit counts. if they don’t, it doesn’t.
    • Press outs are allowed in CrossFit (catching barbells overhead without straight arms. Arms must lock out to finish rep though).
    • If an athlete attempts a weight and fails, they usually are not allowed to go back down to a lower weight and attempt again.
    • They will go one at a time and usually get 2-3 attempts at the given task.

And What About The Overall Competition? 

  • The overall competition will follow the schedule that is posted here:
    • Each time window could mean multiple events or a single event! 
  • Athletes and Teams are all vying to win the title of “Fittest On Earth” or 1st place.
    • You get this by having the highest TOTAL score at the end of the last even on Sunday.
    • Point totals can be found at but they will update scores much faster on the live cast!
  • Each event is announced either at athlete welcome dinner or just before the next event!
    • 3 Events were announced at the dinner which means everything else will be before the event happens by a couple hours (usually when the event before it ends).
  • Athletes score points by placing as high as possible in each event:
    • 100 points for 1st
    • 94 for 2nd
    • 88 for 3rd
    • 84 for 4th 
    • and so on. 
  • At the end of Saturday, the individual field will be cut to 30 athletes!

And if ya need reminders or help understanding what’s going on? There are announcers for each event treating it just like every other sporting event you have ever seen on TV!

So, get ready to watch:

Bike To Work

For Time:

75 T2B

5 Mile Mountain Bike Ride

75 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

5 Mile Mountain Bike Ride

And if long distance events aren’t your jam, tune back in for the 1pm Individual event. Chances are since it is a one hour time slot, it’s gonna be something short and exciting!

Enjoy watching that CrossFit Games y’all! We can’t wait to share in the excitement with y’all all weekend long!

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