Your Goals and Vacations!

October is one of our big push month for getting our Athlete Check-Ins done for a couple reasons. The most important of which is that is the last month of business as usual before we hit the Holiday season!

We want to make sure that you are all set up for anything that comes your way through the end of the year to keep you on the best path to hit the goals you sit out this month!

Even through the biggest hurdle for a lot of us every holiday season…how to handle vacations!! *Dramatic Music Plays*

Vacations = Stress Relief!

Everyone wants you to go on a long relaxing vacation. Your friends, family, us, and pretty much anyone who cares about you (except for maybe your puppers) want you to go and take some time to detox from all of life’s stresses so you can return feeling your best self.

When we go on vacations, shutting off notifications and having control of our day is a necessary part of detoxing. 

The problem that we often find when we go on a long trip, however, is that we often take a break from everything (even those awesome fitness goals we set back in October with your coach)!

Is this wrong and immoral? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Are you a bad person for just stopping doing everything? NOPE. Will all those habits you built fall apart and your weight come right back on in just a week of enjoying every second of going to Disney World? Not if you have a plan and stick to it!

Planning Your Goals Around Your Trips

Now, our goal when help you with your goals is to help make all the work you put in feel like it’s second nature.

We want you to feel like you aren’t forcing yourself to eat vegetables, you actually like them and have favorites! We want dropping into the local CrossFit Box on vacation to feel like a fun way to learn about the area you are visiting and make new friends.

But, we also know that this isn’t always the case! Sometimes ya just wanna a break from it all. Maybe Grandma is intense about you eating all the biscuits she made you. Or just doing at home workouts just aren’t your thing and there’s not a gym in site. 

What ever the case may be, the best way to make sure your goals get right back on track after your R&R is to plan out your return.

Things like scheduling out your classes for the week you come back on Wodify and ordering your groceries ahead of time for pick up from curbside before you get back to work is a great way to help future you out!

The best part about this is that it will take at most 5 minutes of your time to schedule out the class and 20 minutes for the groceries (5 minutes to place the order and 15 minutes to pick it up during your window when you get home)!

One more thing you can do to really seal in the rhythm of your return is to tell 1 friend that you are gonna see in that 1st class when you’re coming back and that you’ll see them at _____am/pm class on that day!

Relying on your present self and friends to keep future you accountable is one of the best ways to break through all those thoughts that make getting back in rhythm so hard (“It’s too early, I’ll just snooze the alarm and workout tomorrow” is a lot harder to do when others are also counting on you to be there)!

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