You Are Yesterday’s Dream

What the heck is “Yesterday’s Dream?”

In San Jose, California, there is a house located on the bay where facing the street there is a sign that reads “Yesterday’s Dream.” 

It’s not a mega mansion, just a normal family house in a very walkable and convenient neighborhood. 

So, it begs the question, why the name “Yesterday’s Dream?”

What Are Your Dreams of The Future?

This month we are doing goal reviews (click here to schedule yours) and we are currently talking about your dreams of your fitness future! 

Some of us want handstands, others to keep the train rolling, and others have other dreams! The point is we all have ’em!

Another thing we do during the check-in is that we talk about all the awesome things you have down and reflect on your journey. 

It is so easy to be dead set on the future it can be agonizing as the process of growth goes through its’ ebbs and flows. Some days, weeks, and months can be slow. Almost a crawl! The dreams we set can feel even farther away at these times and the last thing we wanna do is go check our progress with a coach because we feel inadequate compared to what we are striving for.

Regardless of what part of life your dreams are in, comparison is the thief of joy. Especially when comparing yourself to the idealized future version of you!

That person is perfect!

They are doing everything that you wanna be doing right now. Without even trying, they are tearing you down and they don’t exist yet.

But…What About Past You?

Comparison is the thief of joy…when viewed longingly.

What if you take a second to look back at past you and who you are now?

Chances are you are yesterday’s dream.

The person that you from 1,2,5,10, however many years ago looks upon you with the determination and hope that you do of your current dreams.

That house in San Jose is named “Yesterday’s Dream” as a reminder. Not a stupid Kentucky Derby horse or some in-joke. 

It’s a reminder to the family that lives in that home that they are living the dream they had however long ago. 

So, before you start your week and say things like “I only did Sweat” and kick yourself for not being where you think you should be. Remember that you are where you need to be and that everyone around you views you as the absolutely boss that you are. Just gain that perspective of past you and remind yourself, that you should view yourself as a boss as well, because you are the house upon the hill that you always wanted to be.

  • Blog inspired by an episode of the “Effort Over Everything Podcast” by NCFit and Jason Khalipa

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