What is Virtuosity?

One of the things that we find most impressive in ourselves, isn’t how unique someone is. It is how well they do something we all can, and they can do it day in and day out!

Living in the City of Houston, we get to experience something not everyone in the world get’s to experience. No…not air so thick it can be mistaken for soup. Rather, one of the densest collections of James Beard Nominees and Award Winners.

If you don’t know, The James Beard Award is given annually to chefs who the James Beard Foundation deems are champions of the culinary arts across the United States. While they do recognize talent based on regions of the US, the state of Texas itself was producing so many winners that we got our own region.

If you go look at the restaurants of the chefs who win these awards, you’ll see menus with some of the strangest combinations of things found in nature that you’ve ever seen! You’ll see words like julienned, emulsified, aged, and other buzz words that leave your mouth watering just thinking of what these dishes might taste like!

Here’s the thing.

These chefs may have very unique menus, but it isn’t the novelty that gets them these awards. It is how astounding they are at the basics that captivates the judges! For it’s that understanding of what they do that is on such another level, that it allows them to make a Smoked Brisket Phö without making you feel like you’re eating a bowl of fat filled with noodles. 

These chefs do the common…uncommonly well.

These chefs are virtuous.

How to Amaze Yourself With Virtuosity!

What are the things in your life that you are working on for the long haul?

For me it’s being famous in my house, making sure y’all have the best hour of your day, and making sure I feel as healthy as I can to enjoy everything I can in life!

Now virtuosity isn’t focusing on being doing these overarching ideas well, that’s vague and frankly quite overwhelming.

It’s looking at one aspect of those goals and working to improve it by 1% that day. 

Then being relentless in that pursuit of 1% every day and making it routine is how you get to the top of what you want to achieve!

In fitness, this can be seen as taking time to do mobility and not adding weight until your form is impeccable. It can be trying to add color to your plate with every meal. It can even be making sure you and your family get out a move on the weekends. 

As long as you approach what you are doing with the idea that you want to be “uncommonly good at it” then you will one day be the person you strive to be some day! 

So, what do you want to strive to be virtuous in?

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