What Is The Tyr System?

The Tyr System (Tier System)!!

This is going to be a new addition to our In-Body check-in process that is designed to help make clear progression visions for all of our athletes and drive home the areas of fitness we strive to help everyone improve in on top of their personal goals!

Think of the Tyr system like the belt system in Karate. In each category (Conditioning, Pulling Gymnastics, Pushing Gymnastics, CrossFit Total, Olympic Total, and Nutrition) you’ll have a place where you are ranked. 

The ranking you are at is where you have completed each task in that box (these tasks must be unbroken for movements). All tasks within a box must be completed before you move on to the next level.

As you look through your app or at the board you’ll start to find your levels and notice that you’ll be farther along in some areas than you are in others, and that is okay! This is all a part of working on fitness and striving for a well rounded bill of health. 

Putting The Tyr System to Use!

Now that you’re probably gonna look through the app and have already taken a look at the board, you are saying “oh nice! I’m Idunn here! Ooo I wanna get to Loki on this one!” 

In-Body Check-ins are gonna start up again next week and we are gonna make a push for As Many Check-Ins As Possible because we want to be doing everything we can be doing to help you along your fitness journey! During your check-in this time around, your coach will have a lap top ready and rank you in the Tyr system. We then will take a look at your previous goals, the In-Body data, and now the Tyr data and have a chat about what the next steps in your fitness journey are gonna look like! 

Whether you are working on goals like weight loss, strength, or fitness, there are portions of the Tyr system that we can all work on to improve our health! 

We know that putting goals on the fridge or in our phones can help you get there faster just by the goal always being visualized in your environment. Well, now we have it up there for ya every time you walk in the gym and log-in to your app! When ever you complete a block, talk to your coach that is leading your class and we will give ya the crispest of fist bumps, a big Rick Flair Woo, and update your ranking in the Tyr System on Wodify (:

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our gym! Your coaches are very excited to implement it with you and help you accomplish your goals!


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