What is Friday Night Lights?

Have you seen that tv show about high school football players in Odessa, Tx? Ya know the one that happens on the last day of the work week and the whole town converges to watch their team duke it out with the cross-town rival of the week? What’s the name of that show?


Friday Night Lights!

Much like the past time for communities all around the grand ol’ state of Texas, our Friday Night Lights follows the same idea.

It is an event. The place to be. The thing you can’t wait to do every year (or at least that’s how I feel about it)!

The CrossFit Open Friday Night Lights has been a tradition in CrossFit gyms across the world for more than a decade. It’s a chance for our community to come together for 3 afternoons, workout, and cheer each other on as we compete for the title of Vegvisir Open Champion and against ourselves on the CrossFit Open Leaderboard!

Here’s How It Works:

At 2pm today, CrossFit is going to announce the workout for the weekend that will forever be called 23.1. It could be 8 minutes, it could have HSPU, and it could literally be anything under the CrossFit Sun. 

Whatever the workout is, we will be doing it Friday with regular classes in the morning and Friday Night Lights from 4pm-7pm.

If you plan on working out during Friday Night Lights here’s what you should expect:

  1. Sign into the class hour you will most likely be doing the workout (there will be multiple heats each hour and it all depends on the length of the WOD how many we will do!)
  2. When you show up you can go ahead and put your stuff in the cubbies and then walk over to the personal training side of the gym where you will be assigned to a heat!
  3. Once you are assigned to a heat (which will most likely be the next available depending on the amount of judges we have at the time), the coach on that side will help you get you going on your warm-up!
  4. When you finish your warm-up, it shouldn’t be long until you are called to the main side of the gym to perform 23.1!
  5. A judge will be assigned to you and meet you at your square. They will have a score sheet that will allow them to keep track of your score throughout the workout. This judge is also here to make sure you keep the standards of the workout so that the workout is fair for all!
  6. When it is go time you’ll hear the head coach yell “Judges Ready?” “YEAH!!!” “Athletes Ready?” *less audible yeah’s* “10 Seconds!” then everyone will start to cheer and after 3….2…..1….. you’ve started the 23.1. 
  7. As you workout you’re judge will be counting your reps, it is up to you to tell them how you would like reps to be counted (I personally don’t like judges to count out loud for me as it gets me anxious). And remember, when that judge yells “NO REP” don’t question them. Just accept their ruling and adjust what you need to do to make those reps count! They are volunteering their time so you can do this workout, they only want to help run a fair competition. Control what you can control and the judge will do their job.
  8. When you finish that last rep or you hear the timer beep to signal the cap has been hit, fall to the ground and feel accomplished, you just gave your all and crushed that Open workout!
  9. Your judge will ask you to sign your score card to verify that is the score you had. They will then run off as you recover to cut off your score tab. If you are in the online Open you need this!!! You’ll have to put in your judges name and score when you submit it at!!
  10. Once you feel recovered, you’ll head over to the cheering area and hang out with your friends where you can cheer on the next heat of athletes! This is the best part as you can enjoy helping everyone else get through their workout without that anxious thought of “It’s my turn next!” All those ” you can do it” and “you got this” cheers you heard while you worked out, you can now provide that support which is so dang cool to be a part of!

If you’re coming in to cheer?

  1. We will have a coach keeping track of who’s going where. If you’re here to cheer, they are gonna sign you in on their note pad. Just let them know you’re leaving when ya gotta go so they can give you all the points you earned!

And if you’re coming to judge?

  1. Let that coach keeping track of who’s going where know you’re here to judge and they will send you over to the head coach to tell them so they know to call upon you when judges are required (this will most likely be Katelyn or Me depending on the hour).

Friday Night Light’s sounds intense. The atmosphere might make ya feel anxious, like something important is happening! 

Don’t worry.

At the end of the day, this is just another workout in the gym you love going to! You’re just surrounded by more of your FitFam and they are cheering you on to help you put your best effort! That’s it! No one has any expectations of you, so go out there with that you vs. you mentality and leave the ego at the door.

Tomorrow is all about fun and community and we can’t wait for everything to kick off!

Open season starts in 1 hour, where you can watch it at

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