Training is a Dial NOT a Switch!

Are you feeling stressed lately?

I think we all are to some degree! It’s been a crazy couple of years.

But I want to congratulate you for taking care of yourself even if you have some worries and new challenges.

Too often, people push their health aside because they’re busy or stressed out. I understand: sometimes you just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day. But there’s a cost to breaking healthy habits.

Here’s what happens: A few stressful days lead to a missed workout and then another. Then an established habit washes away and people give back their hard-earned fitness. And then their health suffers. Then they can’t support the people around them.

I heard a great analogy the other day: Training is like a dial, not a switch. 

You don’t have to either work out or not work out. If you’re feeling great, you can dial it up and really push toward your goals. In times of stress, you can dial things back a little but still ensure you’re taking care of yourself. You never have to flick the switch to “off” and leave your health at risk.

For example, if things are piling up around you, maybe a few shorter workouts will help you manage. Maybe increased travel is pulling you off course. In that case, a skipping rope, a fitness band and an on-the-road workout plan might help. 

Or maybe you have the time to train but you’re struggling with life stress. That’s common and we can help you with some mindset coaching that can fill your head with positive self-talk. Just feel like crushing a pizza and hitting the couch? We can point you to some low-drag, easy-to-make meals that will help you eat to support your goals.

The point is that your health is precious. Eating well and working out make you more resilient and more confident. Training actually reduces stress and fills your body with endorphins, and it’s a great way to break out of a slump when you’re feeling down or anxious. The best part: training has no negative side effects. Activity improves almost everything with no downside.

If you’re dealing with any challenges right now, let’s talk. I’m always here for you. I want to hear how you’re doing and if I can offer any help, I will! 

On the other hand, you might be crushing it right now. I hope so! If that’s the case, consider this a virtual fist bump. By making time to take care of yourself, you’re ensuring you have the energy and mindset to help those around you when they need it. You’ll be a rock for others who are struggling. Keep it up!

Wherever you’re at, remember that we’re here to help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consider this my open invitation to check in with me anytime. If you’re hitting PRs, I want to hear about it. And if you’re in need of a few words of encouragement, I want to hear about that, too. 

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