The Biggest Thing You Can Do To Get and Stay Fit!

Every January gyms get flooded with resolutioners! People who have decided, “This is the year! I’m gonna get off the couch be get those abs!” 

March is when almost 44% of the resolutioners will have given up on these goals, with their motivation being snuffed out in one way or another. By the end of the year 11% more will lose motivation and give up on their goals too! 

So, what do the other 44% do to keep going? How do they make it past that 1st year of starting something new and make it something normal?

It Becomes Part Of Who They Are!

Our health isn’t something we can try on. The body we get at birth, is the one we get for life. 

The problem is, that in the working world we value “what have you done for me lately” over “how are you doing as you do the work for me?” So, our priorities in life tend to be bent around the posts of work and family, sadly at the expense of the post of personal health (mentally, emotionally, and physically).

It’s why everyone has “that friend that is into fitness!” Taking care of yourself is such a weird concept to us, that you can actually have a friend whose whole identity to you is that they workout. (Chances are, as a Vegvisir Athlete, you are this friend to your piers or are on your way to being that person!)

And that’s what it takes to be the other 44%. To be the person where when they think of buying gifts for you, it involves buying plastic dumbbells for your baby and a NOBULL Gift Card for your next pair of workout shoes. You become that person your friends come to when they ask, “how do I get in shape?”

So, how does fitness become part of who you are?

You realize that…

Discipline > Motiviation

Motivation is an awesome tool we have to get tasks we wouldn’t normally do, done! The problem is, if we have a bad day or something unforeseen comes up, motivation is lost quite quickly!

Discipline is harder to shake.

Discipline is doing the dishes before you go to bed so your family has a clean house when they wake up. It’s responding to that email at 11pm because your boss needed something done last minute.

Discipline can also be creating boundaries that people respect so you have you time. It can be setting aside an hour a day to workout, stretch, prep food, or go to sleep earlier.

You aren’t always motivated to do the things that require discipline, but you do them anyways because you know your life will be better for it!

When you prioritize what you wanna do (getting abs for our example), you don’t need to go full Jocko Willink and eat raw eggs and run before the sun is up. Your just need to pick something you’re gonna do and be consistent and dedicated to the task at hand for the time you set aside.

You Deserve Investment

For me, a 1 hour investment in myself turns into 8 hours of energy and feeling healthy that I can dedicate to my family or working on the gym. Exercise clears my mind and gives me a level of focused energy that I just don’t quite get anywhere else. 

If you were investing money, would you take a 8x Return On Investment? I SURE WOULD!

So, where are you at with your goals? And what are you gonna do this week to invest in yourself so, you can be a healthier you?

If you need help, set up a goal check-in with us and we can help get ya back on track or point you in the next direction (:

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