The Best Miracle Drug On The Market

I’ve got miracle drug for y’all and you’re not gonna believe it, it comes out of the walls of your house in a neat little fixed chromed fixtures.

Nope it’s not natural gas!



Your body is 90% water. It’s in your blood, plasma, eyes, inner ear, and pretty much everywhere else.

It helps with nearly every function in your body and when you don’t have enough of it, your body will give you a headache and start cramping your muscles to get you to stop doing what you’re doing a go find more!! (It also wants electrolytes, but that’s a topic for a different time).

If you’re goals involve losing weight or changing your body composition, water is probably one of the best tools you have in your arsenal to assist you on your journey.

And while you should only have it when you’re thirsty, you might be thirsty more often than you realize and just aren’t giving yourself enough chances to have water throughout the day!

How To Get More Water!

In our nutrition program, we focus on introducing things rather than taking them away. If we can add something to your life, rather than remove something, we are gonna do it! (After all, it’s way easier to eat 2 apples before dinner and get yourself full that way, rather than saying eat your normal dinner and don’t have dessert. You’re gonna want that dessert, because you’re used to having that dessert).

Luckily, drinking more water only has tools that add things to your life!

My biggest recommendation: Put Water Where You Are Going To Be Most Often.

This is really easy if you work at a desk. Just fill a pitcher with water and pour it into a small glass any time you’re thirsty (or use a big bottle). 

Working a shift at the hospital and always on the move? Put your water bottle at a station or break room you pass FREQUENTLY (at least once per hour). Make a short pitstop and drink your water!

Always on the move at a refinery or can’t return to your truck/car often to get your water, get a carabiner and attach a 20oz refillable water bottle to your waist (any larger and you’ll need a VERY sturdy pair of pants). Any time you can get to a faucet or back to your vehicle, fill that puppy up and get some water!

At the airport all the time? TSA guidelines only have rules about the liquids NOT the containers. Katelyn and I always attach water bottles via carabiner to our carry-ons and fill them up at a water bottle refill station once past the safety checkpoint (you’re welcome for all the $5 water bottles you don’t have to buy now).

The Results of All This Water?

Water can do a couple things in terms of weight loss. It can keep you more satiated (water does move through easier, but your stomach is a bottle neck!

It can also help your body uptake nutrients more easily, making for less waste AND keeps that digestion moving so you aren’t sitting with too much waste within your body longer than it needs to be there!

Plus, if you’re hydrated well, you can get more out of your workouts that day! This will result in more calories burned, which as we all know helps with weight loss!

So, go forth.

Drink all the water your body desires!

And we will see you refilling your bottle in class after another awesome workout!

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