The Art of Micro-changes

At No Sweat Intros (our intro consultation) and Athlete Check-ins, we get asked a ton of questions about dieting.

Most of the time we as humans look for an answer that is along the lines of “Do X diet and you’ll have abs by Y!”

If you know our general philosophy on diets, it’s that they really only work because they do 2 things:

  1. Make us mindful about what we eat.
  2. Reduce our calorie intake.

You can go Keto, Paleo, Carnivore, Vegan, or what ever diet you wish, but the reason they work are that they just make you pay attention.

So, why not pick one and just suggest it to everyone? Because, why would we pigeon hole everyone when we are all different, like different things, and our bodies react differently!

Plus, do you really wanna start changing everything in your kitchen next week to make this diet work? Or do you wanna learn how to make small changes for yourself and live a life you’re happy with over time.

Well, the Holidays are an AWESOME time to start making small changes.

There are things that break up your routine and get that mind of ours out of the trenches to look around and see what we have been doing for the whole year.

One thing that you can start doing this Holiday season is to make a micro-change!

How Much Coffee Do You Have?

Lattes are great.

They are creamy, sweet, and satisfy that caffeinated itch adults have to overcome the shock to the system that is waking up after sleeping in to the last minute.

Did ya know that when you go to Starbucks and order a grande vanilla latte, you are ordering a drink that is 250 calories w/ 3.5-4 pumps of syrup (about 35 grams of sugar on average).

Now this is rough, but there are about 3500 calories in a pound of fat. Cut out 14 lattes from your  month and that could be a pound of fat you could be losing.

BUT, that’s not realistic and makes food look bad. Lattes are great and improve your morning!

SO, what can we change that keeps that bright spot in our morning?

What about making it an Almond Milk Latte and reducing the pump of syrup by 1? (Which can all be done on their nifty little app that makes them technically a bank).

Well, you’ve cut the calories down to 120 calories and reduce the sugars down to 14g. You’ve more than halved the calorie and sugar content. Meaning you can still have you latte, but it isn’t leaving you with all the fat, sugar, and excess calories that it’s full sugar and whole milk counterpart has! (It’s a little less creamy and sweet, but it still smells great and tastes almost the same)!

This Is Just An Example!

There are so many different ways you an do this!

Eat to 90% full instead of 100% full.

Sub sweet potatoes for potatoes. 

Half a glass of orange juice instead of a full. 

Just pay attention to what you eat and make small changes. You don’t have to sacrifice things you love (unless you like deep frying everything in lard. Then, yes there might be a major change that needs to happen).

Most of us even know what is a healthy food and isn’t!

But, sometimes these changes can be hard to make! Sometimes so many ideas come to mind you get overwhelmed and don’t do any of them! Or maybe you just want someone to help keep you accountable!

Remember that Katelyn and I both offer Nutrition coaching services and have some openings this holiday season if you’re interested in hoping on the nutrition coaching train. If you’re interested, just pull us aside or respond to this email and we can sit down to see if Nutrition coaching is the right fit for ya.

The power of small changes multiply y’all. 130 calories saved every day for a month turns into 3900 calories (and that pound of fat is about 3500)!

Make one small change every 30-60 days and you’ll look back in amazement that you’re still living the life you love while feeling healthier!

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