Scoring in the 2023 Vegvisir Intramural Open!

It’s Open Week and we are just 5 days away from the start of our annual Vegvisir Intramural Open!

By now you’ve already been placed on your teams, come up with your team names, and are ready with your battlecries to hit Friday Night Lights with all the energy!

Like any friendly competition, it’s always nice to know how everything will be scored so you know where to put that energy this year!

As you look at the scoring opportunities below, you’ll realize that you can earn WAY more points for showing up and participating, than how you actually perform in the workout. What matters in this competition, as it does with any fitness routine, is showing up and being there for yourself and those you care about! 

Now it is time to go over how you can earn points this year!!

  • Here is how scoring will work:
    • Showing Up:
      • Performing the Workout – 5 Points
      • Cheering While Not In That Class – 3 Points
    • Team Spirit:
      • Wearing Team Colors For Workout: 3 Points
    • Judging:
      • 3 Points for Each Athlete Judged
    • Placing:
      • Top 10% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 5 Points
      • 11-25% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket- 4 Points
      • 26-50% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 3 Points
      • 51-75% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 2 Points
      • 76-100% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 1 Point
        • If you are in The CrossFit Open, there will be Foundations, At Home, and Scaled variations as well. Those don’t always match up exactly with our paths so we if you’re normally in Sweat, one week you could be Foundations and the other you could be Scaled. 
      • Passing 2023 Judges Course and emailing completion certificate to – 10 Points  (You can find the course here!)
      • Signing Up for 2023 CrossFit Open – 10 Points (You can sign up for The CrossFit Open here!)
      • Weeks completed of the Intramural Open (Calculated at the end of 4 weeks):
        • 1 Week – 5 point
        • 2 Weeks – 10 Points
        • 3 Weeks – 20 Points
          • The more weeks you complete the workouts, the more points you get for your team.
      • Traveling? If you are traveling during the Open and still want to participate, all you have to do is prove via a short recording or photo of you doing/having done that workout for the during the Thursday-Monday period each week you’re allowed to do the workout! Workouts must be completed by the Monday of each weekend during The Open by 7pm for Online Score Submission and 8pm for Vegvisir Intramural Open. You will receive all applicable points, so wear those team colors!! (Workout announced on 2/16 – you have until 2/20 @ 7pm to submit to and 8pm to have you completed score sheet filled out by a judge on the desk at Vegvisir or send your score and photo to
        • If you are in the CrossFit Open then you will need to complete the workout at an affiliated gym with a judge. You may send a photo of the completed score card stub to us instead of the recording or WOD photo. 

Have an amazing Open everyone and see you under the lights this Friday!!!!

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