Reflecting on The 2022 CrossFit Open

There it is everyone! The Vegvisir and CrossFit Opens have officially concluded. While Pinky and The Brains have won the cup, everyone should have victories to take away from the past 4 weeks of competition!

In this year’s open we saw more of us than ever compete in Friday Night Lights! The atmosphere was electric and the energy that everyone put into this year’s Open made it the best one yet. And when we all weren’t cheering, we were giving it our all in some of the most fun Open workouts that we have seen in a while! 

From the lung burner that was the wall walk workout to the core drain that was 22.2, there was nothing but sweat angels and smiling faces the whole way. When we were met with 22.3 and gave CrossFit the ol’ glare of disapproval, we all still met those thrusters, double unders, and gymnastic movements head on! And in the final week, we got to see some of the biggest numbers pulled from the floor yet here at Vegvisir! That was after 9 minutes of leg burn that definitely warranted a good cheat meal to celebrate once it was all said and done!

For many of us, this was our first Open! Wasn’t so bad right? In-fact, it was probably the most fun you’ve had exercising since playing tag as a kid! I know that’s how my first open felt, and I threw up on the first week that year! By just finishing this Open, you have completed a major milestone if your fitness journey and should be proud! Whether you stay with us forever or have to one day move, your first Open is a story that every CrossFitter has in their back pocket (along with their first Murph which is coming up)!

Whether it was your first Open or your 10th, it is also a great time to celebrate your personal accomplishments!

  • Did you complete all the weeks of the Open for the first time?
  • Did you make new friends with people ya don’t normally see at the gym?
  • Did you surprise yourself with that first pull-up? jumping or regular C2B? 
  • Did you spend more time than you ever thought possible on a Friday in a gym and liked it?
  • How many PRs did ya hit??
  • If this isn’t your first Open, did your work ranking improve after another year of hard work?

I know for a fact that each and everyone of us who participated in the open, has something to be proud. Each and everyone of us had done something they never had done before! You are amazing and should take some time to write down those bright spots! Share em with your friends, family, and coaches! We all wanna celebrate you more than you know!

Looking Forward

The end of The Open is also a great time to take those celebrations and use them as fuel to look on the horizon. We know that we can accomplish more than we thought possible and it’s time to put that next goal right in front of us and hit it. 

  • Think about did you like the outcomes of certain workouts and not others?
  • Did you love how it felt to do scaled for all the workouts for the first time and want to be able to do an Rx WOD next year?
  • Did ya get that first Rx movement and wanna know how you can improve it?
  • Do ya have the itch to improve even faster after seeing what you were able to do?

Think about these sort of things and take advantage of the fact that you have amazing coaches who want to help you! We are currently at peak goal review time and we are here to help guide you to go exactly where you want to go next. Whether you’ve been here for a month or a year, these goal reviews help athletes get to their goals faster as we help you find specific goals, put realistic timelines, and show you the pathway to getting there with victories along the way.

If you don’t have time this week, that’s okay! We will be doing these next week as well and into the beginning of April. Just talk with a coach to set up your time or set up your appointment HERE when ever you are free! It’ll just take 15 minutes and worth every second. 

If you aren’t a member yet and wanna learn more about how our goal reviews, training, and coaches can help you, go ahead and click HERE to schedule your free No Sweat Intro!

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