Our Favorite Stretch For A Tight Knee!

A common question we hear in our squat-focused world at Vegvisir is that sometimes knee pain comes up, even if you’re lifting with perfect form!

There’s a good chance that this pain is just your quad becoming exceptionally tight! This is normal as your body should be using your quads while you stretch and as they repair, they can get a little contracted and stay that way! Since the knee is where the quad muscles attach, a solid quad stretch can usually do the trick to relieve that tight feeling and have you back to feeling awesome after a couple minutes of holding the stretch on each side!

Here is our video on one of our favorite quad stretches: THE COUCH STRETCH!

Give it a go and let us know if ya feel all #flexy

We hope these videos help and can’t wait to share more content with y’all as we get in the rhythm of creating content to help improve your fitness and get you closer to you goals!

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