Make Your Life Harder!!

When taking a look at our nutrition, most of us know exactly what we are supposed to eat.

Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein, and a little bit of starch to have a well rounded diet. Eat to 90% full, every 3-5 hours, and try to restrict eating 2 hours before we go to sleep so we get the most out of our sleep.

If ya didn’t know that, you can google search healthy eating tips and find it in a list of “10 Tips to Lose Weight in 2023” article on a popular health website. 

Here’s the thing, the biggest thing I find that we all have trouble with isn’t the knowledge of what to eat, rather the ease of access to the things we should be eating less of!

So, if you want a trick to help any sort goal that involves losing body fat, here it is;

Make Your Life Harder!

Make it harder to have access to the things you are eating that are flying in the face of the efforts you are making to make a change in your health. 

Ask yourself this; when you come home from a long day at work and you walk in the door, if a box of cookies were on the counter would you grab one and eat it?

If you’re like most of us, you would eat that cookie without a second thought!

Are you bad for doing so? NO! Does it hurt your weight loss goals? If you are doing it more than once or twice a week, yup!

Now ask yourself, if those cookies weren’t there after the same long day, would you turn around and go drive to a bakery less than 5 minutes away and go buy some?

98% of the time, the answer is a solid NOPE! 

So, if you wanna lose body fat, why would you make it so easy for you to get a cookie? When you could simply just not have an easily accessible supply at home and put a barrier between you and those cookies!

If you find moderation is a hard skill to have with x food, putting an inconvenience like have to leave the house to get it, can actually do wonders to reducing the intake of that food!

If there’s a food you can’t quite stay away from, go ahead and try leaving it off the shopping list and let your friends know to stop getting it as a gift for you!!

That way when you get home, you can focus on all the other food you get from the grocery store that help you achieve your goals!

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