Living In The Gain!

This past week Katelyn and I took a road trip up to Boulder, CO to visit some friends!

Since we visited during a work week, Katelyn and I got the chance to visit all of those cool little mountain towns along the Flatirons!

We tried all the local restaurants we could, hiked every trail Odin and Loki could handle, and tried out a bunch of different CrossFit gyms since we love learning from other coaches/box owners in our field (I know a weird way take a vacation when ya already own a CrossFit Gym).

Even when you do what you love, you can get tired and worn out from doing the same thing every day. Changing things up can provide a new perspective or reinvigorate you to push even harder from the same perspective.

With the 2023 in view, we used that reinvigoration to focus on how we were gonna use our energy this year to accomplish our couple goal: “Live more in the Gain!”

Living in the Gain?

“The Gap and The Gain – The High Achievers Guide to Happiness, Confidence, and Success” is a book by Dan Sullivan that talks about one of the biggest things that leads to burnout and negative behaviors, our perspective.

When we look at how things are going in our lives, we have the option to look at things from two perspectives.

“What could I accomplish?” – The Gap

“What have I accomplished?” – The Gain

More often than not, we take a look at our goals and look at the distance between us and that goal. Even when we make tiny goals to get us there, we often celebrate for a second and then look off into the distance again. Constantly focused on the gap that divides us from our happiness.

This leads to constant feelings of inadequacy and can burn us out much faster than if we take a moment to look at what we have accomplished along the way!

As a business owner, I’m constantly looking at where Vegvisir isn’t doing well and trying to fix it. As a coach I’ll think to myself after every class “I need to do this better next time.” As a dad I’ll think things like “I can’t wait until Tormund can _______!”

All totally normal thoughts, but leave me constantly longing for the future, rather than using the energy that success brings to fuel more success.

Living in the gain isn’t ignoring the flaws that happen (that’s living with rose colored glasses and can lead to a whole other set of problems), rather it’s just taking a look at the things that are going right and letting yourself be happy about what you have accomplished!

How To Live In The Gain!

Well first, Katelyn and I will continue our habit of Bright Spot Fridays as that is the gateway drug to living in the gain.

Taking time every Friday to look back at your week and celebrate that good things can make what ever you do that weekend just that much sweeter! (People often deliver bad news on a Friday because weekends often dull the blow. Imagine how good weekends feel when ya start celebrating on Friday?)

The thing Katelyn and I are gonna add to our routine to make this goal happen is: when we start to think or talk and say “I can’t wait until,” we stop ourselves and bring up something we are excited about that we have been doing.

When something like, “I can’t wait until I can back squat 300#” changes to “My squats have been feeling really strong lately!” It really changes the whole mood of the conversation and our perspective!

So, what are you gonna do to live in the gain? What have you accomplished this year that you’re proud of??

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