Keeping momentum this summer

People are always going places and doing things outside in summer and schedules are full. It’s common for people to miss workouts. They “break the streak” or change a pattern that’s been working for them and then they feel disheartened. Some people lose so much momentum in summer that they actually quit training altogether. That’s bad for their health and bad for their goals.

So here’s how to turn a summer activity into a workout and save precious time:

Wear a weighted vest!

Don’t have one? Toss a few books or rocks in a backpack.

Here’s why this works: You’ve become very efficient at moving your body. Its size and shape don’t change much from day to day and all your body’s systems have adapted to the load.

But if you add some external weight, your body has to work harder to do things. How much harder? That depends on the activity. For example, doing pull-ups with a weighted vest can be very hard. Walking with a 10-lb. backpack is just a bit harder than walking without one. But it’s still harder!

By changing the deal a little, you’ll force your body to put out more effort and that’s great for fitness.

The vest idea is perfect for summer because it allows you to “create time.” Here’s an example: Say you drive four hours to take your kids to the baseball tournament and you’ll be at the field all day before driving home. No time to train, right? 

But what if you toss on a weighted vest and do a walk around the perimeter of the diamond after every inning? That’s a light, but effective, workout and you can cheer your kid on at the same time.

Or maybe you’ve got a ton of yardwork to do before the family barbecue. Put some books in a backpack and wear it while you push the mower and weed the garden. 

Going on a nature hike? Fill your backpack and level up! 

Housework? Wear a vest!

By turning everyday summer activities into “light workouts,” you’re challenging your body just a little and maintaining your healthy fitness habit. Don’t underestimate how important this is. Instead of feeling down because you “haven’t worked out in three days,” you’ll be able to say, “This weekend, I logged 15,000 steps with a weighted vest!”

That sense of accomplishment is huge! And don’t forget that your body is actually working harder to move some extra weight. You are working out. This isn’t just a trick.

If you’d like to pick up a weighted vest to help you stay on track this summer, hit “REPLY” and I’ll give you some recommendations and “workout” ideas. I can also give you some advice on how to use a weighted backpack. And if you want some ideas about how to scale up a summer activity so it moves you closer to your goals, let’s talk.

Remember: Progress is about momentum and we’re here to help you maintain it 365 days a year!

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