Is Gluten Bad For You?

Have you ever looked through the list of fad diets out there?

A good chunk of them have you eliminating gluten from your diet or at least severely restricting it (Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Keto are some of the most popular that do this).

The people that say they follow these diets to a tee have abs and look like they should know what they are talking about. So, it begs the question “Is gluten bad for you?”

As someone who throws up when he has gluten due to an intolerance, I would still say “HECK NO!”

In short, your body uses that little protein found in wheat to help with all sorts of processes in your body and whole/multigrain bread is an excellent carb source to get your hands on!

For the longer story, go ahead and listen to this week’s podcast as Nikki and I dive deep into the whole subject and get really nerdy about bread and fitness!

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