Happy Holidays!!

Whether Santa brought you some sweet NOBULLs or those socks you always wanted, we hope the day turns out joyful for everyone.

Open presents, repeat “open it! open it! open it!” to your loved ones, and yell at the cat for treating all the wrapping paper like a pile of leaves.

Take a moment to look at all the amazing people around ya today and no matter how you spend today, make sure it’s around these people that you love and doing something that gives you energy! (I mean, Avatar 2 is out so, if ya can’t think of anything you can help fund that guys next trip to see the Titanic while watching some of those most detailed CGI humans can make).

And if ya feel like it, roll and stretch out from the 12 days of Christmas! That workout has got to have you quite sore. Take care of yourself!

If you do need a workout todayhere’s something for ya to do that will flush the system and get ya ready for the 2nd and final week of our Tyr Weeks:

Warm Up

3 Sets:
16 Glute Bridges
16 Walking Lunges (8 ea.)
8 Scap Push Ups


20-30 Minute Run

Every 5 Minutes Perform:
10 Push Ups/ Knee Push Ups
15 Sit Ups/ 8 Sit Ups
20 Air Squats/ 10 Air Squats


If It’s Too Cold Outside:

30 Minute EMOM:

1) Max Burpees/Down-Ups

2) Air Squats

3) Push-Ups

4) Sit-Ups

5) Rest

We appreciate each and every single one of you and hope you are having an amazing holiday season!

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