Establishing A Morning Routine!

Man. That game was rough last night!

McCullers tipped so bad he set a record for allow the most homers in a World Series. The offense was colder than Alicent had ever been to Rhaenyra! And, Mattress Mack got heated with some Phillies fans!

It was a dark day for Houston sports indeed. It actually made my morning not cheery! Which is ridiculous because it’s just a kid’s game that I wasn’t even playing.

But, don’t we all do that?

We let small negative things from the previous day bleed. A bad convo with a coworker, a stressful day at work, telling our kid their art was bad when we were really just exhausted?

What if there was a thing that we could do to start that next day on the right foot? Have that famous New England patriots adage, “On To The Next!”

Morning Routines!

Remember Game 2 of the World Series? The Astros came out of the gate with 3 doubles in a row. The 1st 3 hitters (Altuve, Peña, and Alvarez) “Set The Tone” for the game. The Astros walked around with swagger, the Phillies had to adopt that underdog mentality for the 2nd game in a row, and the fans in Minute Maid felt confident that they had come to see their boys dominate.

Your morning routine is the first 3 batters of your baseball team. The best part of this game, is that you are the pitcher! You actually get to pitch to your team.

On a day like today, I was pitching myself nothing but nasty sliders and my batters were swinging at em. Why? Because I stayed up late to watch the game, stress scrolled, and decided to set the “Late Alarm!”

That means I started my day today without my walk and coffee that helps me clear my mind and get ready for the day with the right mindset.

When I got home from my personal training session, I realized that I hadn’t done any of those “easy pitches” to myself and was just thinking negatively. I was actually looking for problems to solve that weren’t there (which is never good)!

So, I decided to start the day over with a nice 11am late and walk. I started throwing myself easy pitches to the noon pitchers!

It took 30 minutes, but it always makes the difference in my day and the amount of work I’m able to do for my family (Vegvisir and Ellis).

Establishing Your Morning Routine!

This brings me to, what can you do for yourself each morning to start the day off right? To make sure that you are excited for each thing you have planned, rather than starting off half exhausted? What adds that energy at the beginning of the day?

It could be 10 cups of coffee, it could be an episode of your favorite TV show, or that early morning workout at Vegvisir with Coach Hunter, Sean, Alex, or Katelyn?

If you know what that is and you’re already rocking and rolling with an awesome day most days, then kudos!

If you don’t, I want you to try something!

I want you to have the notes app ready on your phone and right down everything you did this morning before leaving the house (or hopping on the computer at home)!

Do you wake up quickly? Do you wrap yourself in the sheets and enjoy the warmth? What about breakfast? How do you prepare it?

Anything it could be, type it out in that list.

Now go through the whole list and put a smiley face next to the things you do for yourself that brings you joy!

What ever those things were this morning make them staples of your morning. The non-negotiable parts of your day (just like eating and sleeping). For the next week, try to make sure you get to bed early enough so that all those things you love to have as part of your morning get done!

If you didn’t find anything that brought you joy this morning, then write down 1 thing that you’ve always wanted to get done before work. Like going and getting that workout in before work, rather than fighting off mental exhaustion. Or, maybe it’s eating breakfast outside on your balcony enjoying Houston’s amazing fall weather!

The point it, you should start your day off in a way that makes you excited for your day. Something that get’s you to sleep sooner and gives you the energy to attack everything that comes your way!

If you throw yourself tough pitches, you’ll have a game 3. Throw yourself some easy ones and you’ll have a game like the Astros did through the ALDS and ALCS.

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