Coaches Have Goals Too!!

Have you ever had that weird feeling of seeing your teacher outside of school? Or maybe your boss not in a suit and tie?  That feeling of someone being just like you and doing a totally normal thing, but it just doesn’t feel right because you only know that person in that one particular role in your life?

Well, get ready to feel it again! 

Coaches have goals too!

July is our month of AMICAP (As Many In-Body Check-Ins As Possible) and we aren’t just doing them with you. Your coaches are going through the same process because everyone has goals and we believe everyone needs coaching. 

In the next 90-days we are all making pushes to make positive changes in our life and there are so many ways that we can improve it can be a little overwhelming what to focus on.

So, here are some of your coach’s goals for the next 90-Days:

Coach Kathy is focusing on improving her squat form by following a daily mobility program! (She’s already gone from feeling a little scared to squat above parallel to squatting to full depth at a moments notice already!)

Coach Katelyn is going after that 2 plate clean and jerk while improving her mobility by doing Yoga once per week!

Coach Brian wants to improve his shoulder mobility and be the first one to break the 1200 push-up mark for the month! 😎

Coach Kendra is wants to feel her absolute best and strengthen her core to limit her back pain during lifts!

Coach Kidd is focusing on hitting a 250# Snatch and creating a schedule where I can put Tormund to sleep every night!

Your goals are just as important to us as our own goals and we want to help you figure out what your next push is!

We have achieved and missed plenty of goals. We just make sure to assess and adapt every 90 days so that we are always excited about what we are working on and getting the most of our efforts each day 💪🤠

Whether you are sure of your goals or need some help, it’s a fantastic time to set up your in-body scan so we can help you chart a course for success, get that super useful in-body data, and make a plan to help keep you accountable towards that goal!

(Now that you know our goals, we hope you keep us accountable as well!!)

Set up your In-Body Scan HERE and you’ll have a meeting with one of your favorite coaches set up in no time! 

Have a wonderful day everyone and see you at the gym!

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