Another Way To Use A Kettlebell??

This week we hit some Kettlebell Snatches and I don’t know about y’all, but it always throws me for a loop!

(If you missed it, check out our video showing ya how to do these movements without destroying your wrists!)

Odd object work is one of the best ways to take all the strength work we do with Barbells and Dumbbells and apply in a new way. It grounds us in our practice as athletes to always be aware of how me move and can also help us apply the strength we build to new situations in less time in the future!

The kettlebell throws us off so much because the weight is loaded mostly in the bottom, meaning you can’t just find the objects center of gravity. In the snatch, we have to improve our coordination and accuracy to do this movement correctly and that is how this weight forces us to adapt!

But, what if we used the kettlebells natural imbalance to help train stability in our shoulder?

The Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press is on of my favorite movements for increasing engagement from the lats to help brace the shoulder. On top of that, you also work on your forearm strength, which who doesn’t want a stronger grip?

We cover how to do this movement in this week’s video as well as how to incorporate it into your fitness routine. All ya gotta do is CLICK HERE to give it a watch!

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