Do I Need To Be In Shape For CrossFit? (NO!)

At Vegvisir CrossFit, we introduce new athletes to our gym through a free consultation. It’s a chance to have a genuine conversation with people from all walks of life, and one of the most common questions I am asked during our talks is “do I have to be in-shape to join?”

It’s a great question founded in the fact that when people see CrossFit from an outside perspective, all they see are athletes doing handstands and picking up 300+lbs. How on Earth could anyone start a program that has that as their outward facing brand without having some sort of baseline strength?

The reality is that CrossFit is a workout routine founded in the basic movements we do every day, and those high-skill games movements are the product of many hours of training in foundational movements that we all can do! You can’t squat 300 lbs. without having a good bodyweight squat first, right?

The beauty of our fitness routine is that it is coached. Every class has a trained professional that will take you through the workout of the day and tailor it to where you are at right now. Don’t have a pull-up? We have assistance bands. Don’t have a handstand? We can bear crawl. Workout has 95 lbs. prescribed and you have never lifted that much? Lighter weight. We would much rather preserve how the workout is supposed to feel and keep you safe, than force you to do things that are well beyond your comfort zone or current capability.

There is no weight limit to get in shape. We have helped athletes that have been sedentary their whole lives not only make it up a flight of stairs without pain for the first time years, but gotten them to safely deadlift 250 lbs. That person was a 65 year old who was one of our first athletes to ever walk in the doors.

Age, weight, time, and location are speed bumps, not roadblocks to a path to living healthier. You don’t need to be 21 and 110 lbs. to live the way you want. All you need is 3 hours a week of your time and a community of support. With that, anything you set your mind to is possible!

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