Tackling Nutrition

When athletes walk in the doors of Vegvisir for the first time and are asked about their goals, two answers are usually given.

1) I want to be healthy.

2) I want to lose ____ weight.

These goals have of course brought them to a gym because exercise is not only the most advertised way to promote health, but it’s also the sexiest.

Who wants to tell their friends they stayed within their calorie goals for the day when they could instead tell them they just got their first pull up?

If you take a look at social media this is repeated over and over with the most view videos being of ripped guys in cargo pants doing the fanciest pull-up combo they can or acrobatic ladies being able to do back handspring burpees. The videos showing that you should eat less to lose weight have comically low engagement compared to these high flying exercise videos.

The reality is that nutrition is far more important to our goals than most of us realize.

From losing weight to gaining muscle, food is without a doubt the answer. After all we are giant water bag chemical factories feeding the needs and processes of millions of cells. Exercise breaks down or changes these cells, nutrients build them up.

If there is too much energy in the system (our bodies) or the system isn’t operating at its’ most efficient state of converting fat to energy, we will gain weight or keep unwanted weight. While on the converse side, if we eat as little as we can, we will feel: lethargic, get underweight, slow down recovery, and decrease muscle gain.

With out an understanding of nutrition, going to restaurants and grocery stores can seem like more of a minefield than an enjoyable experience. Achieving our goals can seem far away or impossible. We create a war with food and never truly have moments of peace when we eat. Why go through life feeling that uncertain about something so crucial?

This coming September 12th we are going to be launching a 30 Day-Nutrition Challenge with the specific goal of demystifying food for you and creating habits that will finally get you to your goals.

The challenge will consist of:

Weigh-ins, body scans, nutrition seminar, access to our coaching staff via facebook and email, specialized facebook group for the Challenge, check-ins, and prizes for the top 2 performers during the challenge!

This challenge is open to everyone, whether you are a Vegvisir CrossFit Member or not.

Pricing for this 4 Week Challenge is:

Group Challenge:

Members: $35/2 Weeks

Non-Members: $60/2 Weeks

Individualized Challenge:

Members: $50/2 Weeks

Non-Members: $75/2 Weeks

To sign up for the 30- Day Nutrition Challenge and schedule your initial check-in, please email us at:

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