Accountability-When having a friend helps!

Starting something new in your life is hard. Extremely hard. It’s why getting in shape is so hard!

If it weren’t, 400 pound journeys wouldn’t be amazing, American Ninja Warrior would just be what we all did vs marveled at, and Coca Cola wouldn’t be nearly as profitable.

So why is it hard?

Have you heard Newton’s First Law of Motion?

“An object rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by another force.” Now this law was mainly applied to pushing stuff. But let’s use it to talk about the start of a fitness journey.

Right now someone on this planet is thinking about getting in shape. Currently they eat twice per day and it’s usually fast food. They sleep 6 hours a night on average and are constantly stressed by a number of factors. This person probably thinks about going to the gym and starting multiple times a year, but they never do. The reasoning could be fear of failure, fear of being out of the group, or fear of change. Why change and risk that social damage if they are doing just fine? (Disclaimer: No one at a gym will think less of you for going to the gym. You are trying to feel better, why would anyone hate on you for that?)

The other part that is hard is keeping that object moving. We don’t live in a vacuum, things happen in life that can detract from our efforts towards getting in shape. Work, familial obligations, and social events are all necessary friction that we have to account for when starting our fitness journey.

How can we not make it so hard?

The best thing any one can do is create a network that is invested in their success.

Get your family, friends, and your coworkers invested in your success. Since you are already close to them, they probably are already chomping at the bit to help! Just vocalize that you would like their help and they would be more than happy to help you create an environment where you can achieve success.

Then find a gym with a community that is invested in everyone’s success. Where the coaches ask you about your goals the first time you walk in the door and continue to check on them. Where you make friends in class that you make plans to workout again with at the 7pm class tomorrow. Where you are celebrated for your achievements and feel like you can relax in a gym rather than fear the Iron Palace.

When this team is made they provide accountability. On a base level it is far easier to give up on a goal when only you are invested. When you have a team that is invested, they are cheering for your success and will hold you to your mission.

They can do this by calling you at a restaurant for falling back on old habits, check-in on you when you missed a work out, and a plethora of other ways they can keep you accountable.

When a team is invested in success, almost nothing can stop them.

*Unless it’s the Cleveland Browns.

**Sorry Cleveland.

For our Fall Forward Nutrition Challenge (Sep. 12-Oct 12) we want to be the gym community side of your team and provide that accountability for the most important part of your journey, nutrition.

Let’s make a team that will get you to where you want to be and develop tools for life that will make sure you stay there.


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