Those Who Find The Way

When we first opened Vegvisir CrossFit we came into our facility with all these of ideas of how it would be and the community we would inevitably create. We dreamed of what was possible and how we would get there.

What we didn’t know is what the face and the general aspects of our community would be. The people that would be the bedrock of our gym hadn’t yet walked in the door. We knew that we wanted people who wanted to improve and were just good people. Ya know, like how you want everyone you meet to be.

We are a now a year into our journey and we know who those faces are and what makes them great. What makes them uniquely a Vegvisir Athlete.


Our athlete’s come from all walks of life. We have doctors, teachers, lawyers, D1 athletes, bartenders, stay at home moms, stay at home dads, and the list goes on. Regardless of skill or experience, we believe everyone has knowledge to impart and a story to be appreciated. We hear each other out and treat each other as well as we would treat our kin.

We’re Prideful Where it Counts:

We hate hearing, “Yeah, but I only did ______.”

Our athletes revel in their accomplishments and are congratulated for it! When someone makes the effort to walk in the door, lace up their shoes, and work ‘til their shirt is no more than a tool to make sweat angels, they are taking a major step towards improving their health.

Whether you are working towards a pull up or a backflip muscle up, a Vegvisir Athlete is proud of their work.

Knowledge is not a Secret:

It is common in the fitness injury for trainers and gyms to claim they have “the secret” to shedding pounds and getting your goals in as short a time frame as possible. These practices leave people thinking that their trainer has a well of knowledge that simply must be too complex for them to understand and it is best just to leave it to the professionals.

What happens when that athlete leaves their trainer? What happens when that “secret” doesn’t actually get results? Nothing was learned and everyone returns to square one.

At Vegvisir we give information away like it’s a brisket we made for a party of 20 and only 2 showed up.

Our athletes are used to asking questions and getting answers. We believe strongly in teaching everyone as much as they want to know and more about their bodies. After all, your own body shouldn’t be a mystery. You should be able to move and make choices confidently that improve your health.

At Vegvisir CrossFit you will never be left in the dark. Our name comes from a compass that guides you to where you want to be. You can’t truly be where you want to be and keep it if you don’t know how to stay there.

If you want to begin your journey with the greatest group of athletes you will ever meet, then your time to push off your fitness goals is over. It’s time to click on that banner at the top and schedule that first step towards getting where you want to be.

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