Home for the Holidays Competition Camp (November 28th-December 19th)

Coming November 28th is Vegvisir CrossFit’s Competition Camp!

As we are stuck home for the Holidays and heavier meals become more enticing, a healthy outlet to use all that new energy is gonna be needed. The competition camp could be that answer!

With competitions coming up on the horizon it’s time to focus on something we don’t normally get to teach in class, the sport of CrossFit (rather than the wellness program of CrossFit). These competitions allow you to see where you are at in the world rankings regardless of skill, height, weight, or age. The biggest of these competitions being The CrossFit Games Open coming this February the 18th.

Our competition camp will be 4, 75 minutes classes that focus on the skills that athletes need to compete at scaled, intermediate, Rx, and elite levels as well as building the requisite strength to get to each level.

These classes will be November 28th, December 5th, 12th, and 19th @ 11:30am-12:45 pm.

Each class will have:

  • Two strength portions that fit in with and are aimed to help accelerate the growth you would experience during the current “Holiday Strength Cycle.”

    • Strength will also come in the form of the common max lift after MetCon that qualifiers love to use to make the strongest earn their ability to shine.

  • Scored MetCons that are focused on testing athletes mentally to get the highest score they can achieve.

  • Coaching that focuses on giving athletes the proper techniques to move quickly.

  • A strong focus on range motion standards that would be enforced during a competition and techniques to overcome a “No Rep!”

  • MetCons that have higher level gymnastics such as Muscle Ups, Deficit Handstand Push Ups, Handstand Walking, and Double Touches (C2B to T2b).

    • Skill work will be done for these as well.

This class is for:

  • Anyone who wants to compete!

    • CrossFit competitions can be local, regional, and international!

    • There are always Scaled, Intermediate, and Rx/Elite/Pro brackets in each competition so athletes can always be in a fun atmosphere that tests them.

  • Athletes who want to learn how to safely improve their speed in MetCons with techniques that are not regularly taught in class.

  • Who wants to try out a competitive atmosphere!

    • This doesn’t mean bro sessions, but it does mean getting a little more pressure from you coaches and fellow athletes.

    • Each workout you will get a specific goal for you as an athlete and it will have you right up to the buzzer or limit of your strength (while form is maintained).

  • Wants to improve at higher level gymnastic movements faster!

There will be two options to participate:

  • The Lone Ranger – $45:

    • Athletes will receive a goal review before the camp starts and will be given a homework drill to work on to improve one skill or strength they wish to work on most!

    • Access to the 11:30am Saturday Competitor Class

    • Access to the Vegvisir CrossFit Competitors Group

      • This is something we will keep after to share competition information for the Houston area and when qualifiers are coming up!

  • Star Lord – $80:

    • Athletes will receive everything in “The Lone Ranger” package as well as:

      • 4 Weeks of additional strength programming during that camp that will be able to be added during your classes during the week or after.

        • You can choose a gymnastic bias or muscle density bias (barbells and kettlebells)

        • Additional work will be 3 days per week.

This challenge is limited to 8 athletes due to equipment needs and social distancing measures. Additional programming can still be an option if spots run out, talk with your coach to find out more!

If you want to sign up please either talk with a coach or email us at with the option you would like to do!

Registration is now open!

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