Will I Get Bulky Doing CrossFit?

Short Answer:

Only if you want to.

Long Answer:

CrossFit is a weird fitness routine because it is also a very famous sport in the CrossFit Games.

Some of the most famous people that do CrossFit are the Elite women in the sport that have 8 pack abs and arms of steel. They can run on their hands and put 250+ pounds over head.

Which means that people who don’t want to get bulky look at this forward facing image of CrossFit and think that because these women lift weights that they will be large and get huge muscles.

Here’s the thing that people don’t realize about people who get big lifting weights…they intentionally look like that.

Our bodies are not only products of the work we do, but they are products of what we put into them (food).

The Work You Have To Do To Get “Bulky”

As a human, you are a collection of cells that have come together to survive and grow. In order for us to grow, we have to adapt to the stressors in our environment so we can become more resilient to them and life long happy lives.

This is a double edged sword as when we don’t have stressors, we adapt to a life of being sedintary. When we workout regularly, we actually adapt to always be able to move well and be more efficient with the fuel we put in our bodies. This results in us getting thinner and looking the way most people want to look when they start a fitness routine. 

On top of starting a fitness routine, you usually also start a journey of eating healthier. If you’re losing weight, you are eating less than your body is demanding to grow and you start to shed weight. So, if your goal is to lose weight and you build that caloric deficit, there’s no way you’re gonna end up getting “Swole.”

In order to get huge, you actually have to force yourself to eat a tremendous amount of food as well as train intensely 5-6 times per week (and even then you still may not bulk depending on your training routine). You’ll really only bulk if you give yourself long rest periods and lift relatively heavy weights as your body is having to change and adapt to perform demands that need more muscle along with having the fuel and time to build that muscle to become big.

It’s why “The Rock” eats 10 times per day, he needs that fuel to get that big.

CrossFit Games athletes are just a product of their goals. They want to be the fittest people on  on Earth. Which means they have to be able to lift heavy weights while also being able to do gymnastics and travel long distances. They don’t train for the gaze of others, they train to be the most efficient athletes they can. Efficient means very little fat on the frame while sporting big muscles, so they eat a ton of protein and carbs and look the way they do!

The average person training 3-4x per week while living a normal life and eat healthy, won’t end up looking like someone who trains like they do and shouldn’t worry.

Besides, person reading this, you should know you’re amazing the way you are and how ever you body looks while living the life you want to life is beautiful. So, go life that healthy life you want to live and schedule your No Sweat Intro today! Just click the “Free Intro” button on the top right to talk to knowledgeable and caring coach today!

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