What Can You Add To Your Health?

Everyone always asks “what can I take away from my life so I can improve my health?”

I’m sure you have some quick answers to that as well! You can remove desserts, fatty meats, and lower your portion sizes. 

I don’t know about y’all, but hearing I have to sacrifice something unlocks that inner child inside me that goes “don’t take my stuff” when someone tells me to stop doing something. 

So, what if we asked a different question when looking to make changes to improve our health?

What Can I Add To My Life To Improve My Health?

You actually have already answered this question to yourself by joining this gym! You added fitness to your routine and now you are seeing improvements in all sorts of vital health markers!

So, if you wanted to take a next step in improving your health…what could you add?

Well how about:

Add 1 colorful food to your plate (Improving your micronutrient intake and filling you up on something healthier)!

Precutting up fruits and leaving them out for your family on the way out the door for their day (Adding micronutrients to everyone’s day, cutting getting ready time in half, and giving you some solid energy for the day)!

Add at 15 Minute Walk After A Meal (Improving digestion and getting some extra calories burned as well)!

Leave foam roller next to your couch (making it easier for you to work on your mobility, rather than fishing it out from a closet).

A Story On How This Works!

Taking away things is fraught with push-back. 

Making things a choice and AN EASY CHOICE is the best way to introduce a behavior into your life!

A great story that I have heard was a person who decided they wanted to get in-shape. They bought a gym membership and went to the gym everyday on their way home, but they didn’t workout.

The first week they just walked in and looked at the equipment for 5 minutes and went home.

After a while they would start walking on the treadmill for a little bit and then head home.

Next thing they knew, they were jogging and lifting weights everyday, eventually losing 300lbs.

They didn’t bet the farm. They just introduced one habit to their lives without subtracting from anywhere else. They just chose to put the habit they wanted to improve directly in their path so that the next step was just that much easier.

So, what habit are you trying to introduce?

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