Want Some Healthy Super Bowl Ideas?

Incase you hadn’t heard, the Super Bowl is this weekend!

With it being the most watched television program of the year here in America and multiple reasons to watch, chances are you’ll be invited to a party or end up hosting one!

If you’re planning on having a cheat day, go for it. Relax and enjoy guilt free as you celebrate a day of football, beer, and wings.

But, if you would like to keep things on the healthier side so you can wake up ready to run through a brick wall for Open Week 1, then here are some healthy recipes and ideas for you to try that katelyn and I love!:

Air Fryer Chicken Wings: Katelyn and I love wings. She actually worked at a Buffalo Wild Wings when we met and I would go in there just to watch some games and have some spicy garlic naked wings (basically grilled chicken) on the weekends to spend time with her. Years down the road we still love having wings together, we just make them at home! You can pick up drums and/or wings in the meat section of your local H-E-B and follow this recipe for a healthier version of the game day favorite!

Pick up some Phoenicia Hummus: Phoenicia is a downtown Mediterranean grocery store that is one of Houston’s best places for picking up hummus. If you wanna feed a ton of people but not make any mess with cooking, they have some of the best freshly baked pita and hummus, tabouleh, and other classic mediterranean dips that you can share with your foodie friends and have that “I got this at a place you’ve never heard of” moment!

Sweet Potato Skins: If you’ve got the time, this is an absolutely delicious way to have hand held cheesy goodness on Game Day with a healthier card as the vessel! Plus, they are super filling so you can always have this first if you’re worried about over indulging on some less healthy options at the party you’re going to! 

Making your own Guac: Guac, Pico, and Queso are all classic things to bring to any party in Texas. While queso isn’t ideal, pico and guac are just a bunch of amazing vegetables thrown together! As you shop just make sure to either grab some healthier chips like blue corn or higher grain chips or just do what we know everyone is gonna do and grab some of those amazing H-E-B restaurant style chips!

Cauliflower Crust Pizza: If you’re the type of person that likes to make your own furniture by hand and tan leather in your backyard, you can apply that insane amount of dedication to homemade craftsmanship by making caulifower pizza crust at home and making a vegetable forward version of your favorite pizza! You can also just get remade frozen ones and do the same with less hassle, but why not kill that time waiting for the first kickoff by making your very own pizza crust!

And, if you wanna do a fitness version of a drinking game, here’s your Super Bowl Edition!

Touchdown by The Team You’re Rooting For: 7 Sit-Ups (14 if they miss the extra point)

Touchdown by Opposing Team: 7 Burpees

Field Goal by Either Team: 3 Candlesticks

Safety by Either Team: :30 Hollow/Tuck Hold

Announcer mentions Kelce Family in any way: 10 Pistols or Crossed Shin Squats (5 ea.)

Any Commercial Makes Someone in the Room Laugh: 5 Push-Ups

Turnover (even turnover on downs): 10 Air Squats

You can add or remove rules as you wish, just trying to add a fun game to the mix if ya wanna mix up your watching experience! (I’ve seen some people do 1 burpee for every yard their team’s QB throws…which is shaping up to be a rough one for this Super Bowl).

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