Vegvisir Intramural Open 2022 Rundown

Every year since we opened, we have hosted an intramural Open. Thanks to the former CEO of CrossFit being a wingnut on multiple levels, this will actually be the 5th Open we will be hosting! (We had 2 in 2019). 

The VIO (Vegvisir Intramural Open), is a 4 week competition, comprising of the 3 workouts released by CrossFit HQ and a super secret Vegvisir made 4th workout that comes out the following week of the end of The CrossFit Open.

These workouts will involve everything you love about CrossFit MetCons and will be run on the Friday of each week starting on February 25th!

Workouts will be released Thursday afternoons @ 2pm.

These WODs will be performed on Friday with full classes happening in the AM from 5am-10am and Friday Night Lights heats starting at 4pm and ending at 7pm! (There will be no 7pm classes on Friday’s during the Open as these times are usually dead this time of year and we will be having community events after each Friday Night!)

Each workout you will have a judge with a score card that will keep track of your good reps and call “No Rep” on your bad ones.

The best part of VIO isn’t the workouts though. It’s the team atmosphere!!!

Every single athlete in the Vegvisir Community will be included on a team!

On February 10th, we will release the teams and their captains! 

Once the teams are announced, you will receive a message from your coach welcoming you to your new squat and the race to decide on a team name and logo will begin!

You will use these names and logos for points each week in the open by wearing team colors, names, emblems, etc…!

Pro Tip: The teams that have one in the past have won not because they placed the best in workouts, rather because they had the most people show up each week! Get chummy with your team and help keep them accountable! You wanna see as much of your team on Friday as possible or have them make up the workout before we close on Monday!

What are you competing for?

Fun mostly! We host this event so that we all have fun competing together and supporting each other in these workouts. 

The Open is where memories are made! From firsts for many movements, to insane saves, and your friends cheering you on. You will have stories to tell to your family when you get home and tails of triumph to tell future Vegvisir Athletes as you stand ready with a barbell before class, exuding sage wisdom.

Also, you’ll get a coffee mug that says you’re a 2022 Open Champion so that everyone knows you’re the coolest aunt/uncle at the family Thanksgiving!

Also Also! I’m sure you’ve noticed our belts are signed. Well every year we get new lifting belts for the Open and the champions all get to sign them!

How Do You Score Points?

  • Here is how scoring will work:
    • Showing Up:
      • Performing the Workout – 5 Points
      • Cheering While Not In That Class – 3 Points
    • Team Spirit:
      • Wearing Team Colors For Workout: 3 Points
      • Wearing Clothing with Team Name/Logo: 3 Points
      • Both?: 6 Points
    • Judging:
      • 3 Points for Each Athlete Judged
    • Placing:
      • Top 10% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 5 Points
      • 11-25% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket- 4 Points
      • 26-50% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 3 Points
      • 51-75% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 2 Points
      • 76-100% of Sweat/Perform/Athlete/Compete (Rx) Bracket – 1 Point
        • If you are in The CrossFit Open, there will be Foundations, At Home, and Scaled variations as well. Those don’t always match up exactly with our paths so we if you’re normally in Sweat, one week you could be Foundations and the other you could be Scaled. 
      • Passing 2022 Judges Course and emailing completion certificate to – 10 Points
      • Signing Up for 2022 CrossFit Open – 5 Points
      • Weeks completed of the Intramural Open (Calculated at the end of 4 weeks):
        • 1 Week – 1 point
        • 2 Weeks – 3 Points
        • 3 Weeks – 6 Points
        • 4 Weeks – 10 Points
          • ​​​​​​​The more weeks you complete the workouts, the more points you get for your team.
      • Traveling? If you are traveling during the Open and still want to participate, all you have to do is prove via a short recording or photo of you doing that workout for the day! Workouts must be completed by the following Tuesday of the workout being announced for scores to count. You will receive all applicable points, so wear those team colors!!
        • ​​​​​​​If you are in the CrossFit Open then you will need to complete the workout at an affiliated gym with a judge. You may send a photo of the completed score card stub to us instead of the recording or WOD photo. 

“Alright coach, I’m in! Where do I gotta be and what do I gotta do?”

Every Thursday night during the Open, CrossFit HQ will be releasing their Open workouts via a livestream where two CrossFit Games Athletes will be performing the workout.  

For our fourth week we will be hosting our very own announcement for the Vegvisir made workout with 2 Vegvisir Athlete’s from two different teams competing that night!

Every Friday Night we will be hosting Friday Night Lights!

Friday night lights will look like this:

We will have a warm-up area with a warm-up written on the board and a coach leading you through the warm-up if needed.

Every athlete will either have their heat reserved in Wodify beforehand or assigned when ya show up! 

Arrive at least 20 minutes before you heat so you have ample time to warm-up!

Each heat will be slightly longer than the workout itself. 

If we have a 15 minute workout, expect 20-25 minute heats depending on set-up.

Heat sizes will be determined by the amount of athletes and judges we have available!

The more judges we have, the better the more athletes per heat we can have and the more points you can earn for you team!

After Friday night lights we will have a Vegvisir Small business Friday at a local establishment that will change each week.

Come hang out with your FitFam to talk about the WOD, life, and have fun!


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