Top 5 Benefits of Doing CrossFit in Houston, Texas.

Houston is an amazing city.

While we can all agree the heat is relentless during the summer, Houston is one of the most convenient cities to live the life you want to build.

For CrossFitters, we have had over 20 years to build our niche in the Bayou City. And build it we have!

Here are the 3 benefits of doing CrossFit in Houston, Texas:

1: The Amazing Food here becomes Amazing Fuel

If there is anything Houston has become known for, it is our amazing food. Not only that, but the things we excel at are often protein rich and filled with vibrant vegetables.

From the Tex-Mex on Navigation, the Vietnamese restaurants in Spring Branch, the BBQ in South Central Houston (maybe not so much on the veggies in this category).

Your post WOD meals are gonna be the best you’ve ever had while CrossFitting here in Houston.

2: Solid Amounts of Sweat

Houston is HOT and HUMID here in the summers. From about Mid-May until Mid October, your workouts are sure to be filled solid amounts of sweat to expel some toxins and leaving ya feeling like you had an amazing workout.

Coming from the North or just want to be able to escape the heat while you work on your fitness? There are a good amount of air conditioned CrossFit gyms, like ours, here!

3: Making Friends Is Easy!

The CrossFit community here in Houston is diverse and connected.

Once you find your favorite CrossFit Box, hit up the social events your gym puts on! There are also tons of run clubs, competitions, and events to meet even more fellow athletes.

The world is your oyster here in Houston. If you’re looking to start your CrossFit journey here or start your fitness journey in general, come meet us here at Vegvisir CrossFit and we will sit down with you to make sure you get a hold of all these amazing benefits of training in Houston and more!

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