The Sandbag Clean

This cycle we have been hitting A LOT of sandbag cleans. So, many that we have started having questions about this movement!

We do sandbag cleans at Vegvisir to apply our strength to an odd object. Afterall, most of the times we will actually pick up something heavy in life, it’s gonna be in the shape of a bag, rock, or human FAR MORE than it’s going to be in a convenient barbell shape.

The issue that arises when we do a sandbag clean (vs. a barbell clean), is that we tend to round our backs more to get the bag off the ground as we have to start from the floor! While a barbell sits at 9 inches off the ground with plates on, the bag is flush against the ground and we have to work our arms underneath the bag. When we get tired, this causes us to dump into our lower back as we become less cognizant of our bracing.

Enter today’s video where we discuss the proper way to perform a sandbag clean while keeping your neutral spine (straight back) maintained!

To watch our YouTube video, please click the following link:

Take some time today or tomorrow to do some practice reps and feel how our hips can be used a lot more in this lift and have fun working on becoming more virtuous with this movement!

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