Setting goals for Weight Loss (and other Fitness Goals)

We all need motivation.

Whether it comes from within or someone else, we need to be motivated to do anything! While we can be motivated by fear or anxiety, we much rather be motivated by desire! Wanting to do something because we like it is what we all strive for, I mean who doesn’t want to retire and choose what they get to do every day? 

So when we decided to make a change, like losing weight, do we plunge head first without setting goals? 

At our gym we do this thing called a “No Sweat Intro.” It is a free consultation where you and a coach talk about how we can help you. During these sessions, I will always ask about the prospective athlete’s goals. About 70% of the time I get a “I want to look good.” 

Now that is a goal. But, if we are planning a vacation together and you tell me you want to visit a place in the “Eastern Hemisphere,” we aren’t really aiming anywhere. 

The other 30% let me know that they want to do x by y. Like “I want to lose 20 lbs for my wedding in January!” Boom, we have established a target and applied the frame work for motivation. 

Once that is done, all we need to do is place smaller goals along the way! 

Wait…why? Didn’t I just tell you that was a good goal? 

Yes, it is and I did. The thing is that, if you’re reading this, you are human. As a human we are very fickle with being motivated. We must see success for our motivation to lock in, otherwise we become disinterested and that excellent idea we had becomes just that, an idea we had. 

So we are gonna set a goal like “we are going to lose 5 lbs in a month. We are going to do that by coming to the gym 3x per week over that time!”

Feel that determination setting in? Doesn’t it feel like when a player in a video game gives you a quest? Now you wanna get after it and start knocking down walls because you can see the path and the prize at the end. 

This is the value provided by taking some time to self reflect and finding a mentor that has been there before. This is how we get you to your goals in the end! This is why you are here at this blog at this time. 

So, if you’re ready to take a step towards making a change in your life. Self reflect and make a goal that matters to you. Then find people to help motivate you. Set smaller goals to get you there with the help of your team. Then get after it and enjoy the journey of change. 

If that goal involves getting in-shape, losing weight, getting stronger, getting better at weightlifting, or anything else involving fitness, we would love to have you by for a No Sweat Intro! Just click the link at the top of the page that says “Free Intro” and we will be excited to meet you!

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