One Change To Greatly Improve Your Pull-Up Game!

We do a lot of pull-ups here at Vegvisir.

Regardless of where you are at in your pull-up journey, you do AT LEAST 45 per week in our gym. This results in a stronger core, lats, traps, forearms, and biceps. It also happens to be our gym’s favorite “gotta get it” movement when you walk through the doors for your first consultation with us and in our goal reviews.

While there is a lot we can focus on to improve the pull-up, I find this is probably the biggest game changer in terms of developing our lats (the muscles that look like wings on our backs). If we use our lats more and they grow for the efforts we put in, they will pound for pound improve our pull-ups faster than working on any other muscle group.

If you wanna improve your pull-ups, check out our Youtube video by following this link:

You’ll find if you work on this drill and push your chin away from the bar during all your reps in class, those lats will engage way more and you’ll be dropping bands left and right!

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