Need A Final Push To Finish The Year Strong? Here’s a Tool Kit!

December can be a test of healthy habits. I understand! It’s been a long year, and we all deserve some time to relax, hang out with friends and family, and enjoy some great food and drinks.

 But I know you have goals, too. And you’ve put in too much work to take a lot of steps backward.

 I want you to enjoy the season and stay on track, so I’ve put together a “holiday survival guide” for you. Read on and if you need some extra accountability over the next month or so, hit “reply.”

 Create a Calendar!

 You’re going to need a calendar and 5 minutes. Use the app on your phone or download and print one from this site.

  •  Step 1: I want you to think of the number of workouts you need to get over the next month to feel good about yourself. Is it 8 or 12? Sixteen or 20? Pick your number (I can help you do it!) and then look at your calendar for December. Put your workouts into the calendar right now, including the exact time! If you can get to the gym more often, do it. But don’t cancel the sessions you just booked. Remember: that’s your minimum number. Book other events around these workouts.
  • Step 2: You know you’re going to have a few big meals in the next month. Mark those on your calendar, too. Now put a big V on each of the two days before those epic meals. That stands for “veggies.” Your goal: eat veggies at all meals in the two days before the feast. We want to balance your treats with some healthy options.
  • Step 3: Next, mark off your ultra-busy days. You know the ones: you’ll be going almost non-stop. On those days, put a “20.” That stands for “20 minutes of fitness.” All you have to do is take 20 minutes off from the chaos to do something good for your body: go for a walk, stretch, do a short workout in the living room. Just do something to clear your head. You can even spend the 20 minutes alone doing a bit of meditation if you could use the quiet time.
  • Step 4: Now mark off any days when you have parties and plan to drink alcohol. If you don’t plan to drink, skip this step. Put a B for “booze” on any days with parties and write a number beside it. That’s the maximum number of drinks you should have. Make sure to determine this number now—before the party starts. Make sure it reflects your goals. Then put a red X in each of the two days before the party. The plan: abstain from drinks for the two days before the party night, then consume only the beverages you planned to consume. Be moderate so you can keep working out without a hangover!
  • Step 5: Finally, mark off your rest days. These are for recovery, relaxation and fun. We want them to be guilt-free, so mark them with an I—as in, “I deserve this!” On these days, you’re going to recharge so you can get after it when you return to the gym.

There you have it! You’ve planned enough workouts to keep moving toward your goals, you’ll balance great food with treats, you’ve got a fitness plan for busy days, you know exactly how much you’ll drink, and you’ve got time blocked off to decompress.

Remember: We can help you stay on track. If this quick “calendar crafter” exercise isn’t enough, let’s meet up to discuss the perfect plan for you. Maybe you need a list of workouts to do at home, or maybe you’d like to talk about more specific healthy nutrition strategies. Whatever you need, let me know.

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