Keep Holiday Health and Fitness Manageable!

The Holidays are stressful.

We plan week-long vacations, the kids get out of school, we have to make huge meals, AND get ahead in work so that we can take these long breaks. This leaves us mentally drained and adding anything to our routines that we hadn’t already started super stressful.

But, that’s not what the Holidays are about, right?

It’s supposed to be a time where we wind down from a long year of working our asses off to spend time with the people that make it all worth while. You shouldn’t eat your holiday meals stressing about your calorie counts, doing workouts to “sweat out” booze, and waking up at 5am Christmas Day to get that run in before everyone wakes up.

You should be enjoying those childhood foods, workouts don’t sweat out alcohol and shouldn’t be viewed as a punishment for actions, and you’ve earned a day to sleep in. Besides, Christmas on a Sunday this year. SLEEP IN!

As your coaches, it’s our job to help you work on your health and fitness without adding stress. At the end of the day making fitness feel like home and helping your feel healthier is our mission.

So, this Holiday Season we want you to focus on 4 things:

  1. Keep Your Normal Workout Routine
  • You’ve worked hard all year to get to this point. Keep the routine you enjoy and give the efforts that you can each day!
  1. Stay Hydrated
  • Keep drinking plenty of water and electrolytes!
  1. Sleep 7-9 Hours Per Night
  • Sleep is the miracle supplement! It helps you regulate your hormones and recover from the stresses of the day (both good and bad)!
  1. Focus on Protein Intake
  • More protein on your plate will help keep you fuller for longer and aid in recovery each of those nights you get that 7-9 hours of sleep!

That’s it.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and take care of yourself is what that list says!

Get enough sleep, water, and protein while maintaining your regular routine to help you feel as healthy as ya have been all year!

If ya have that extra slice of pie on Thanksgiving? That’s alright! Have a couple peppermint mochas around Christmas? You’re human and those things are GOOD!

Just maintain the buffer of fitness you have built yourself all year long and you’ll be just fine (:

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