How To Brace Properly!

Our gym loves deadlifts. In fact every time I leave them out of a cycle, I get 20+ texts during that cycle asking when they are coming back.

Now, I don’t have an issue with them when I remove them, rather we just don’t need to be lifting the HEAVIEST possible weights we can all the time to improve our strength. Plus, due to how heavy the deadlift is, it reduces some of the fun things we can do with MetCons on those days in order to prevent any overtraining.

All that being said, deadlifts are a fantastic movement for improving our overall strength and teaching us to BRACE under significant load! The problem is, when we stay heavy for too long, we find that our eyes get big on weight and throw our bracing to the side in an effort to sling the biggest loads we can.

Well in today’s video, we go over my #1 cue for getting athletes to brace and stay braced during any lift!

To watch today’s video just click the following link:

Then when ya come into the gym today, practice it with your lift or stay after class and train some 5×5 deadlifts @ 70% to keep that core tight and make those heavy weights feel STRONG!

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