How Long Does It Take To Get Toned?

Last time, we talked about if you could get bulky! Now, are you ready for the other most popular question?

“How long does it take to look like _________?”

Now, this question has a simple and infuriating answer, “it depends!”

Closing The Gap

When people ask how long it takes to “get toned” it is always going to be met with an “it depends,” because there are multiple factors that determine how long that will take! Things like:

  • What is your current body fat percentage?
    • Where is that fat located?
  • How large are you muscles in the areas that you care about?
  • What is your daily routine and how willing are you to make a lifestyle change?
  • Do you have any medical issues?
  • Are you genetically predisposed to produce more testosterone?

All of these things play a role because looking toned is a balance between losing fat and gaining muscle. If you want to be lean and muscular (think like a pop idol), that is going to require a lot of fat loss compared to muscle mass. Where as if you want to look like someone like Gina Carano/Vin Diesel, you’re gonna need a lot more muscle mass, but you can have a higher total fat mass and still have that toned look.

The most important thing to realize above all else with this question, though, is that you are a human and we adapt to the environments that we are in. This means that we have to live a certain way to look a certain way! If we want to have muscle definition and to be able to do a pull-up, we have to start to make changes in our nutrition, recovery, and fitness routines that support that! This is what takes the most time and dedication of all!

Can You Gain Muscle and Lose Body Fat?

Absolutely. It just requires working towards a lifestyle that supports that! By being part of our gym and coming in regularly (3+ times per week), you are already taking major steps to make this happen! The other half is what happens when we are at home; making sure that we are eating enough to support our exercise and daily lives without eating enough to support fat production.

This takes time to dial in and doing it all at once can be overwhelming and fraught with the risk of regression. Taking time to make small goals to accomplish along way while aiming towards an overall daily routine change is gonna be the fastest and most permanent way to make these changes! Our journeys aren’t linear. They are up and down and all around. If you are consistent in your efforts and work to get that diet where it needs to be and your health routines dialed in, you will get there eventually.

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