“How Do I Get Fit Like You in 2024?”

On the other end of this weekend, everyone and their friends are going to start taking some steps to get after their New Year’s Resolutions!

As you probably already know, health and fitness related goals are among the most popular for people to approach.

Since you’re reading this, you have taken great strides in developing a personal routine that helps you live a healthier life that gives you the confidence to do everything you wanna do in your life or are working towards it.

And guess what!?

Your friends noticed. 

Which means you are a trailblazer that they are gonna wish to follow as they attempt to take their next steps into the unknown. Crazy right?

Well, whether your friends are on the other side of the world or are a spouse who wants join in on your success, I want to share with you 4 ideas that we find help everyone get their fitness journey start off on the right foot that can help them!

Ask Your Friend “Why They Want To Start Their Fitness Journey Now?”

Most of the time when I have a friend that wants to start a fitness routine, I ask them what their goal is. 

A really common response would be something like, “I wanna look like ______!” Which to be honest…isn’t really a great goal. It doesn’t have any staying power because usually the photo they point at is someone who doesn’t look like that year round, and the delta between where they started and how they got there is a lot longer than 90 days. It’s often longer than a year! But, the biggest reason it isn’t a great goal, it bears no emotional weight. 

The best thing you can do for you friend who has this goal is ask them “Why do they wanna look like that person.” 

Everyone, even your coaches, have a deeper reason for wanting to be healthier. For some they want to feel more confident in themselves, others want to be around longer to be there for the people they love, and some people want to tackle obstacles they never could before. 

Having something that makes them want to go to the gym on days when it is the hardest to do so, can be a make or break point for an athlete sticking to their resolutions.

Tell Your Friend To Start Small!

As mentioned previously, goals that are far off aren’t great goals either.

Not because of their merit! Rather, because of how far off they are. 

If your friend wants to feel confident in a suit at your wedding, aiming for a suit 10 sizes down in 90 days is gonna be quite demoralizing.

 Aim for going down 1% body fat, 1 Size, or another small target and then start with 1 behavior to change! A small goal sets the sights correctly, habit changes get us there.

If your friend doesn’t move at all, have them start by doing the exercise snacks we posted about yesterday, tell them to start walking 10 minutes a day, or any other small activity that they aren’t already doing. (Wanna send them a walking plan to help them get started? Just reply to this email with their email and we can send them a free 30 day walking and exercise plan to get them started!)

Be Their Buddy!

As a pack species, humans love interaction with other humans.

A community helps create a space where people are held accountable to their goals. You have friends and coaches who call ya out when you aren’t staying on track towards your goals and cheer for you when you hit each and every milestone!

Your friend who hasn’t experienced that yet, needs that too!

Text them once a week or follow up when ya see them to see how it’s going! Better yet, go on that 10 minute walk with them! Knowing that someone out there is rooting for them is huge in getting that wheel turning towards building a lifelong routine that gets them where they wanna go!

Help Them Find A Coach!

As you know, coaching does wonders for helping athletes achieve their goals!

Having a friend who’s cheering you on and then a trained coach that it giving you step by step instructions on how to move safely and routines to help you hit your goals is like hitting the accelerator to the floor in terms of accountability. 

If they are in town, send them our way by having them sign up for a free intro on our website ( and we can help them the rest of the way!

If they live somewhere else, then you should send them this link (What To Look For With “Gyms Near Me”!)

And if you wanna tell them rather than show them, make sure the coach they are talking to:

  1. Asks about their goals rather than trying to sell them something immediately.
  2. That coach should have a thoughtful response to their goals and have a step by step plan they can show and explain to them.
  3. The people they meet in that gym are happy, welcoming, and know each other by name.
    • A coach and community that cares about everyone who walks through the door is a great way to make sure they are in the best possible environment for success!

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