How Do I Find a Personal Trainer In Houston?

Finding a Personal Trainer is hard. Especially in a big town like Houston, Texas.

If you’ve been with a personal trainer for a long time, finding a new professional to trust can be scary. If you’ve never done personal training it can be even scarier because you don’t even know what you like and don’t like in a professional.

As a the owner of a gym that has trained 10+ fitness professionals to help over 1,000 Houstonians, here are the things that our athletes love about us that may help you find the person that can help you most:

  1. “They ask me about my goals and always ask how they can best help.” – Frankie

If there was one major thing that I wished all people added to their BS filter, it’s this. When looking for a personal trainer, you are really looking for a mentor in fitness. Someone who has been where you want to be and has successfully helped others get to where you want to get to. If they are asking how they can best help you through a consultation rather than just giving you a free session, this is a pro that is most likely using knowledge earned and figuring out how to best apply their experiences to get you to where you want to be.

2) “They always greet me by name, ask me how I’m doing, and ask how my family is doing. They really care about you like they are family.” – Heather

When you hire a personal trainer, you’re also choosing someone you’re going to be spending about 8+ hours of alone time with each month. That means eventually you’re going to have a bad days and good days because, you’re human! A proper fitness professional learns about you because they care, it is woven into who they are. And they don’t use this info to gossip. They use all the info to help provide the best care for you every time they see you. They will feel like family after a bit so, pick a trainer that you feel cares about you (greeting you by name from the get go is a great start! Asking you how you’re doing and digging deeper is even better!).

3) “They are always organized. I never have to think about anything other than coming in and enjoying my weekly workout with my husband” – Kelley

One often overlooked thing in the fitness industry is professionalism. After all this is a business where you expect a service and results to be provided. The last thing you want is to have someone that doesn’t have a workout planned or doesn’t have a calendar knowing who they have that day. When you go searching for you personal trainer, if they have a consultation, ask you to fill out a form, and then ask you to sign waivers and agreements when you sign up, it’s a good thing. You should get all those annoying reminder emails too. A coach that has systems is a coach that cares and will be reliable!

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a Personal Trainer is hard. Especially in a big town like Houston, Texas.

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