Heading North!

Yesterday we did a drill where we looked at our perfect day! The day that we would want to live everyday if we could that would leave us content with life every day (if you missed it, go ahead and type “Your True North” into your email search bar). 

Today we are gonna take some steps further to help lay the frame work for that perfect day to become a reality!

Set Up A Date With Yourself

You’ve got your perfect day in mind and some ideas on how to make that happen. Now, you have to perform the most important drill of all so that your perfect day starts becoming a reality, you’ve gotta sit down and plan 1 hour each day that you’re gonna take to work on something from your perfect day.

Much like when you make dinner plans with your parents, this has to be a sacred time that is treated with the weight it deserves. This hour has to be the reason you turn down someone for a plan or two, or the reason you make a plan with someone. An appointment with yourself is just as important as the ones you make with your boss, friends, and family. Remember you are taking this time so that you can create your perfect day, the people that you want to be in your perfect day will understand and benefit from you taking this time to work on yourself!

Now that you’ve got the right mindset, time to acknowledge you live in a very amazing time. We have a brick in our pocket that not only has more information readily than any library in history, it also comes with a clock, alarm and calendar that are quite useful! If you have a boss that doesn’t understand that you have a life outside work, you’ve probably come to have a lot of anxiety from this little brick as well, remember that it has a do not disturb function as well, they can wait at least one hour while you’re not on company time (bonus points if you just shut that sucker off when you get home, but baby steps if that isn’t where you’re at). 

Open up that calendar app and look at next week (as of this writing we are looking at, July 3rd-July 9th). Pick a time each day where you are going to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour of your day doing something that get’s you closer to that perfect day. This can be setting aside an hour before bed to stretch, read a book, or have a general cool down from the day. It can be an hour before/after work where you’re gonna workout, go for a meditative walk, or practice your favorite hobby. It can be a time at any point of the day where you give something that will make you happy the proper space and attention it deserves! (If you’re in a profession at has you on-call one of those days, go ahead and give yourself two sessions on the following day, you’ve earned it).

Just like any first date, it’s gonna feel weird. You’re gonna wanna check your phone, read stressful things, and do the things we all do to cope with the constant stress of living in the 21st century. Don’t give into that, you’re important! I mean if you pulled out your phone and started doing work things on a first date with someone, do you think they would ask or take you up on a second one? 

When Will I See Me Again?

Once you’ve had that full 30 minutes to 1 hour of perfect day time, you’ll ask what anyone asks after a good date, “when will I see you again?” or in this case, “when is my next hour of perfect day time?” 

You’ve got one week planned out. But, in order to make sure it continues, you’ve gotta set aside time to plan another week out! So, pick a day where each week you’ll sit down and plan your next perfect day times. Do this enough and you’ll either be a pro at planning or you’ll have it so worked into your schedule, it is always there!

If you keep this up, this time you set aside will add up. Make sure to set aside time to reflect on your growth every 90-180 days to make sure it’s the direction you wanna be going still! My perfect day slowly changes and so will yours!

Perfect days aren’t made in that hour, they are built. So, get ready to build! In one week you may not be where you want to be, but after a while you’ll be looking down from the mountain astonished at how far you’ve come.

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